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The best album of 2015 at Melodic Punk Style. Results

The best album of 2015 year at Melodic Punk Style results: 

1st place 
Planet Watson - Do What You Want

Fast and loud skate punk from germany shared the satge with that bands like Agnostic Front (USA), Biohazard(USA), H2O (USA), Death By Stereo (USA), Strung Out (USA), Less Than Jake (USA), Slapshot (US), Useless ID (ISR), Authority Zero (USA), Letlive (US),Teenage Bottlerocket (US), Misconduct (Sweden),First Blood (USA), Ten Foot Pole (USA), Atlas Losing Grip (Sweden)

Check their new album Do What You Want  at Planet Watson profile   It really defines quality of skate punk sound these days.

2nd place
69enfermos - Beyong Borders
69 Enfermos new album "Beyond Borders" released by Melodic Punk Style, Moring Wood Records and Pro rawk Records  is a technically proficient, melodic tip of the hat to many bands that have come before, while also blazing a trail of their own. The albums opens with a blazing fast beat on "Numbers" with octave chords reminiscent of '90s era No Use for A Name. Each song goes for the jugular and the melodic aggression doesn't relent until the album concludes.

Buy and check their new album at Melodic Punk Style  here

3rd place 
Strung Out - Transmission. Alfa Delta
After a six-year break, metallic technical punks Strung Out are finally back with a new album, "Transmission.Alpha.Delta", their eighth record overall. Except this one's not as metallic as the past decade-and-a-half's worth of albums by them have been. Instead, the band opt for a tour-de-force of their entire discography in one, well-balanced mixture. Let me put it this way: Strung Out haven't been this smooth and polished since their early days, and they achieve a pop punk vibe without sacrificing the entirety of their metallic crust or technical flair in the process. Oh, and they've mustered some pretty freaking catchy songs as well while they've been at it.

Here below is final  top 10 albums of 2015 from Melodic Punk Style the best album of 2015 year. 

01. Planet Watson - Do What You Want
02. 69enfermos - Beyond Borders
03. Strung Out - Transmission. Alfa.Delta.
04. For I Am - 15 Minutes Late
05. Millencolin- True Brew
06. Good Riddance - Peace Of Our Time
07. Edward In Venice - Holwer
08. Avenal - A Glorius Mess
09. The Decline - Resister
10. Joey Cape - Stitch Puppy

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