środa, 13 stycznia 2016

From Six Till Eight

Band members: 
Kevin Franklin - Drums
Rory Redwood - Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vox
Matt Lannon - Lead Guitar/ Vox
Kent Shupe - Bass / Vox

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We are a punk rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada called From Six Till Eight. We enjoy getting together to play fast, high energy music and that energy couldn't be more evident then when we play live. Our sound is influenced by 90's punk rock and we try to bring the same energy and speed as bands like Bigwig and Good Riddance.

-We're Not Good But We're Fast (October 16, 2015)

02.Blue Suit, Black eyes 
03.Shake The Devil's Hand 
04.Crowd Pleaser 
05.The Savage 
06.Matt's Mad at His Mom 
07.Don't Tell Me 
08.Emerald Waters 
09.Fuck it, Fuck Them  

10.Fuck it, I'm Out

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