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69enfermos – “Beyond Borders”

01. Numbers 
02. A Better World 
03. Maribor 
04. Once Again 
05. Choices Made 
06. Fading Away 
07. I See It 
08. In The Nineties 
09. Wake Up 
10. The Calling  

Release date: November 2015
Label: Melodic Punk Style, Morning Wood Records and Pro Rawk Records
Buy: Melodic Punk Style bandcamp

Reviewed by Chad Jensen

69 Enfermos new album "Beyond Borders" is a technically proficient, melodic tip of the hat to many bands that have come before, while also blazing a trail of their own.

The albums opens with a blazing fast beat on "Numbers" with octave chords reminiscent of '90s era No Use for A Name. Each song goes for the jugular and the melodic aggression doesn't relent until the album concludes.

The vocals remind me of Millencolin though.

Some people say this band sounds like No Use. That's partly true. But the vocals are the final element that build the complete character of the band.

 In 69 Enfermos' case, it's similar to Nikola Sarcevic and that's not a bad thing. It's always impressive when a band sings/writes in a second language. Hailing from Columbia, 69 Enfermos fits comfortably in English.

The vocals are smooth and never stray from pitch. Not a gruffy, throaty vocal, but very pop-punk.

This album is quintessential for any fan of melodic hardcore. The song structure of each song is penned by guys who've been paying close attention to their heroes.

In a good way. I'm not saying that 69 Enfermos are copy cats, but rather they wear their influences on their sleeve, and in today's day and age, where good, new Skatepunk is hard to come by, 69 Enfermos carries the torch forward with authority.

I find myself turning back to this album more and more. I highly recommend this album to any fan of Melodic Hardcore. 3 and half stars.

Chad Jensen

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