piątek, 25 grudnia 2015

Planet Watson

Band members: 
Hesse- Vocals
Manu - Bass
Torge - Guitar
Chris - Drums

Fast and loud skate punk from germany shared the satge with that bands like Agnostic Front (USA), Biohazard(USA), H2O (USA), Death By Stereo (USA), Strung Out (USA), Less Than Jake (USA), Slapshot (US), Useless ID (ISR), Authority Zero (USA), Letlive (US),Teenage Bottlerocket (US), Misconduct (Sweden),First Blood (USA), Ten Foot Pole (USA), Atlas Losing Grip (Sweden)

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Start listening (song taken from band's new album)

-Do What You Want (December 5, 2015)

01.Sinking Ship
02.Let Hope Grow Again (feat. Flo of My Reply)
03.Some Kind Of Void (feat. Chris of Helmut Cool)
04.Hell of A Mess
05.Lose Weight
06.Lifetime Memory (feat. Andy of Class Of 86)
07.Das wars
08.Whore On TV (feat. Schlegel of Warsaw)
09.The Poor Rebel (feat. Denis of Lion City)
11.Done (feat. Costa of Sondaschule)
12.Still Not The Time (feat. Chris Fox of Vampirates)
13.This Is Our Time (feat. Michael of Local Resident Failure)

-Back In 5 Minutes (June 7, 2014)

01.Nobody Is Waiting
02.Someday You'll Regret It (feat. The Plastic Smile & Timo of Mindead)
03.No Rules To Follow
04.Some Of Us
05.Find Your Freedom
06.The Break (feat. Vuki of Hell&Back & Reznik Syndrom)
07.Come & Go (feat. Willem of Antillectual)
08.All Time Low (feat. Ander of Adrenalized)
09.Straight Ahead (feat. Hans of F.O.D.)
10.Back To What It Was (feat. Basti of Vanish)
11.Make Ends Meet (feat. Maik of An Early Cascade & Jan of Start A Fire)
12.Bonustrack (feat. Dragan of Not Available)

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