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Start At Zero

Band members: 
Simon Mislej - drums
Izak Furlan - bass, back vocals
Gašper Černigoj - guitar, lead vocals
Jure Kogoj - guitar, back vocals

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Start listening:

Start at Zero line-up consists of young guys from the town of Ajdovščina, which holds a very special place within the hardcore punk scene in Slovenia and abroad. The band’s roots date back to the summer of 2012, when the guys were brought together by a wish to make their own punk-rock music and to present it at various concerts. They have already done quite some gigs across Slovenia, played on Punk Rock Holiday 1.4, did a weekend tour with Arms Aloft in Austira in February 2014. At the end of April and beginning of May they went on a tour with Real Life Version through Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. During the last 3 years, they have managed to join their persistence and their musical enthusiasm to come up with a nice collection of new songs. Their gigs are packed with energy, and their lyrics reflect upon both socially critical and personal themes while also addressing the role of young people within the society.

-Against The Stream (15 September, 2015)

01.Against the stream
02.I wonder
03.Happy summer
04.Buzzer Beater
05.ALT + F4

-Facing Insanity (2013, Giljotina Records)
02.Find your way
06.False society
08.Riding day
09.Your best
10.Mandy Tincherr

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