środa, 12 sierpnia 2015

For I Am

Band members: 
Vocals: Miss Double Dee
Lead Guitar: Stoef Berghmans
Rhythm Guitar: Bjorn Bjorn
Bass: Mo Boris
Drum: Herr Flick

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For I Am

Five people who have always loved playing music found each other in a new punk rock project called "For I Am". The goal is to play music that we enjoy very much ourselves and that will make others dance their socks off as well!

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-15 Minutes Late (EP, released on June 13, 2015)

01.Friends With Benefits
02.For All You Pretty People
03.Awesome Me
04.Amongst The Stars
05.I Don't Wanna
06.Grandma's Missing
07.Time And Time Again

-Demo (October 2014)

01.Friends With Benefits
02. Rob's Story

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