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Useless ID The Lost Broken Bones reissue and band's plans for next year

Fat Wreck have published news at his web here where you can read that the label will re release Useless ID album "The Lost Broken Bones" from 2008 with 7 bonus songs. No pre orders yet buy read what Ishay Berger has to say about the release and their plans for the rest of the year: 

“After releasing our final album for Kung Fu Records in 2005, we had our strongest album ready to go but had a hard time finding a label to put it out internationally. And so we ended up releasing The Lost Broken Bones on no less than 5 different record labels, with a pretty much different label for each territory. Some years passed and it became quite hard to get a copy of the album (a good lesson in quality vs. quantity) and so we cannot be more excited to announce that our amazing friends at Fat Wreck Chords will be re-releasing our 2008 album, with plenty of bonus tracks that did not appear on the original release. We are currently working on a new album and going to Japan with the Gorilla Biscuits this September! Then, we have another great tour in Europe booked which we’ll announce soon!

You can listen Useless ID song Before It Kills from band's album Symptoms (2012) at new Melodic Punk Style compilation below:

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