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Sound Of Us. Volume Four

Release date: 
May 9 (digital version)
June 10 CD version

Cover: Daykneeart

01.Uselless ID - Before It Kills 
02.Straightline - Retrogressive 
03.Fast Response - The Son 
04.Setbacks - Fix It 
05.Fat Prezident - 1984 
06.Darko - Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts 
07.Bodyjar - Fairytales 
08.Pinhole Down - Anything 
09.Class Of 86 - Phase Change 
10.Heartbleed - Hear My Scream 
11.The Friday Prophets - Punk Rock Flu 
12.Stars Burn Stripes - Challenge Accepted 
13.The Octopussys - Friendly Fire 
14.Blowfuse - Couch 
15.Castoff - Epilogue 
16.The Decline - The Elolution of Jesus Jackson 
17.F.O.D. - Random Thoughts on A Saturdays 
18.Tear Them Down - Take It Out On Me 
19.Start At Zero - Find Your Way 
20.Full The Face - Umbrella 
21.Lapdog - In The End 
22.Hit Play - Certain Sounds 
23.Dowzer - From The Heart 
24.Venerea - No Rules But My Rules 
25.Dead Drops - Wasted Heroes 
26.Sidelines - Hell Of A Weekend 
27.Think Ahead - The Grand machine 
28.In 2 Months - 8 Seconds Of Fury 
29.Whatever - There Was That Time 
30.Flippin`Beans - Us Against The World

Melodic Punk Style's compilation "Sound Of Us" is a simple idea to promote active melodic punk bands and their albums in one place on the same time. 

Melodic Punk Style welcomes Fat Wreck kings Useless ID and Australian skate punkers Bodyjar and is pleased that other bands agreed to participate on this project.  Lots of skate punk, melodic punk, pop punk , melodic hardcore bands from Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia and South Africa. If you  are fans  of classic sound like Green Day, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, No Use For A Name, MXPX you will love bands that participate on this volume.

Except Uselless ID - Before It Kills song Volume Four delivers songs from band's new albums released in 2015 or in 2014 (Lapdog, Whatever, Class Of 86, Blowfuse, Stars Burn Stripes) ,  band's  fresh albums (Setbacks, The Octopusys, Castoff) and  upcoming releases ( Heartbleed, Dead Drops, Venerea, Hit Play). Last but not least  Volume Four shows band's lesser know like Castoff, Setbacks, Fast Response, The Friday Prophets, Start At Zero, Full Face, Pinhole Down).   

Listen/download for free or pre order Volume Four below:

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