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Morning Wood Records

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Morning Wood Records is an independent record label located in The Netherlands and was founded in September 2013 by Jouke Rispens. Morning Wood Records is all about the 90’s punk rock lifestyle. Combining energetic and melodic music with social-critical, political, personal and tongue-in-cheek lyrics is what became the soundtrack of a generation. Being stuck in the past really sucks, but if you’re clinging on to the 90’s punk rock style you have all reasons to be.

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Straightline - No Way Out (released on November 25, 2015)

01. Suicide Song
02. Society
03. Freefall
04. Alone And Out
05. Punk is dead
06. One Day
07. No Respect
08. Unbreakable
09. KTS
10. Run Away
11. Prisoners State
12. Girl Song
13. Nu Metal Sux (Bonus)
14. True Metal Rules (Bonus)

Straightline-No Way Out (MWR digipack)

Straightline's first full-length "No Way Out" was released back in 2005 and is now reissued through Morning Wood Records! As you probably know we really dig the whole 90's punk rock sound, and luckily this record is a tribute to that decade of excellence.

69enfermos - Beyond Borders (released on November 1, 2015)

01. Numbers
02. A Better World
03. Maribor
04. Once Again
05. Choices Made
06. Fading Away
07. I See It
08. In The Nineties
09. Wake Up
10. The Calling

69enfermos-Beyond Borders (MWR jewelcase)

Fast, melodic 90's skatepunk straight outta Colombia! It’s no secret that 69 Enfermos draws influence from the Fat and Epitaph bands from that era, perhaps most prominently the No Use For A Name albums from back then.

Sidewalk - Full Throttle (released on 1st ctober, 2015)
01. Full Throttle
02. Come and get Some
03. Advanced
04. I Made It OUt
05. All The Same
06. Talent Show
07. 1000 Miles
08. What The Fuck Is Wrong With You
09. Climbing Walls
10. With No Demand
11. The Rush
12. Good Times
13. Stereotype
14. Killing Spree

Sidewalk-Full Throttle (MWR digipack)
Sidewalk-Full Throttle (MWR LP)
Fourteen tracks varying from uptempo skatepunk to melody driven punk rock anthems. Produced, mixed and mastered by Sidewalk and guest vocals from Oscar Puig fom Blowfuse

Leftovers - Dumber (released on Septembe 29, 2015)

01.Shots Fired
03.Last Summer Sucked
04.Apple Pie
05.A Better Place For A Better Life
06.Lonely Nights

Soon on CD

Rerelease by Morning Wood Records Leftovers 2014 EP “Dumber” to show more people this Italians quality of combination pop punk tunes and fast guitar play.  It reminds me good Blink 182 times.

Fast Response - Homeless By Choice (released on September 22, 2015)

01.Homeless By Choice
02.Stay Away
03.My Life
04.Where And How 
05.Don't Need To Know
06.Need To Know

Fast Response-Homeless By Choice (MWR digipack)

Tony Sly would be happy to listen it. I'm surprise how fast they learn to posses that melodies on vocal and intrumental section with no losing fast. This is one of the best releases of 2015 for sure.

Fast Response - Welome To Corruptia (released on September 22, 2015)

03.God Made Me Angry Then He Pissed Me Off
04.Hobo On Fire
07.John Thinks That
08.Vrati Mi Pare
09.The Son
10.Dear Landlord

Soon on CD

Pure skate punk fom Croatia that marks European skate punk genre. This time re released by Moring Wood Records.

Leftovers - This Time Tomorrow (released on September 15, 2015)

01. Trainwreck
02. Party Fucker
03. Hoodie Girl
04. Sway
05. Ambigious

Leftovers- This Time Tomorrow (MWR CD)

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Which apparently means you should play fast and catchy pop punk!

Adrenalized – Docet Umbra (released on August 15, 2015)

A1. 300
A2. No More Vassals
A3. Fastest Way To The Mainline
A4. Grey Youth
A5. Guerrilla Fashion
A6. The Fabulous Story Of Billy J. Donovan Frankenmaister
B1. The Megamachine
B2. Walls Of Ignorance
B3. Euskerika
B4. Seeking Glory: First Step To Failure

Adrenalized-Docet Umbra (MWR LP black) 
Adrenalized-Docet Umbra (MWR LP red) 

Second album from Spanish skate punkers Adrenalized now released on limited vinyl edition (black and red). Get them before they gone. Pure fast and melody for these days fans of this genere.

Castoff – Lines And Passages (released on 7 July 2015)
01. True Wealth
02. Through Victory
03. Won't Return (Take II)
04. Subtle Art Of Exclusion
05. Epilogue
06. All Is Right

Castoff-Lines and Passages (MWR CD jewelcase)

Quintessential work from San Diego melodic punk band Castoff. With fast relentless tempo, killer riffs the band is more focus on a melody at vocal and instrumental lines. The structure of each song and order of songs on this EP makes to listen it again and again. That makes the best Castoff work to date. Great EP for Fat Wreck listeners.

Kill The president – Citizens (released on 1 July 2015)
01. Citizens
02. Fight ‘Em All
03. Kids Liberty
04. Hating You Is Part Of My Business
05. Song One
06. Back To The 90’s (Bonus Track)

Kill The President-Citizens (MWR digipack)

The result of colaboration between Netherlands label Morning Wood Records and Spanish fast melodic punk band Kill The President is band's 2013  EP Citizens released now  at CD digipack. To five fast melodic punk songs they added bonus song Back To the 90's.  Great blend of Mute, Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream and  No Use For A Name.

The Siknotes - Cruisin’ For A Boozin (released on 6 June 2015)

01. Broken
02. Dave The Fan
03. The End
04. GY Til I Die

The Siknotes- Cruisin For A Boozin (MWR CD)

First EP from UK melodic punk band The Siknotes. Those boys know how to play fast and catchy bring pure 90's in 2015. Can't wait for their next stuff. 

Doghouse - Dysfunction (released on 08 May 2015)

01. Breathe
02. Remember Days
03. Breaking
04. Nobody
05. Jester

Doghouse - Dysfunction (MWR CD dogipack)

One of our greatest discoveries of 2015 has to be the Serbian punk rock band Doghouse. Sensational melodies, interesting tempo changes and catchier than most teenage pop artists.
90's melodic punk rock in the vein of influential bands such as Bad Religion, Good Riddance and Strung Out, full of interesting tempo changes and vocal harmonies. Doghouse is back!

Omaha - Touch 'em all, Joe (released 24 April 2015)

01. Call It A Crime
02. A League Of Their Own
03. Horseshoes, Hand Grenades
04. What I Owe
05. Indoor Smoking Pool
06. Sharpshoot My Hart (That Night In Montreal)

Omaha - Touch' em all, Joe (MWR CD digipack)

The Toronto, Canada based skatepunk band Omaha have released their latest EP "Touch 'Em All, Joe" on Morning Wood Records. The six-track EP was recorded and put online in 2014. While still working on a physical release, the EP was picked up by various media and gained positive feedback in the punk rock community.

Dearly Divided - Dearly Divided (released on 02 March 2015 )

01. ’89
02. Notes
03. The Great Divide
04. Flawed
05. Broken
06. Circuits
07. 45th Parallel
08. Chasing Shadows
09. Ithaca
10. Monuments
11. Vapor Trails

Dearly Divided- Dearly Divided (MWR CD digipack) 

"The highly anticipated debut album from California’s new darlings of the Epitaph / Fat sound from the 90’s. 11 tracks of thunderous drums, driving bass-lines and ripping guitars are the backdrop for the huge vocal hooks this album delivers. Get on this train early, as it shows no signs of slowing down."

Straightline - Final Redemption (released on 06 February 2015)

01. Curtain Fall
02. Wash It Away
03. Burning Heart
04. How Can You Sleep At Night?
05. Comatose
06. Won´t Back Down
07. Common Way
08. Blind Leading The Blind
09. Artificial Age
10. One Nation
11. Home
12. Wake Up Call

Straightline-Final Redemption (MWR CD digipack)

Munich, Germany based skatepunk band Straightline have released the CD version of their album "Final Redemption" on Morning Wood Records! The critically acclaimed record was released in 2013 exclusively on vinyl and is now also available on CD.

Shit Hits The Fan-Unstuck In Time (released 27 January 2015)

01. All In
02. Expectations
03. Forget About Tomorrow
04. (Don’t Want To) Save The World

Shit Hits The Fan-Unstuck In Time (MWR digipack CD)

Shit Hits The Fan have returned and their nostalgic 90’s punk rock sound will make grown up guys sob like a little baby and have them long for a time when skatepunk got the recognition it deserved, Vans Warped Tour still had a decent line up and life without Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was considered unimaginable."

RunningLate - Spectators (released 05 January 2015) 

01. The Bar
02. Spectators
03. Borders Crossed

RunningLate-Spectators (MWR slimcase CD)

"Fast, melodic skatepunk in the vain of 90’s and early 00’s bands such as Much The Same, 88 Fingers Louie and the early work of Rise Against. RunningLate’s social critical content is an interesting addition to today’s softened punk rock scene. Edgy, fast and catchy, that’s what these guys are all about!"

Höney - Honey (released 11 November 2014)

01. Brody
02. Honey
03. Night Fight
04. Teenagers

Honey-Honey (MWR Cardboard sleeve CD)

“Höney’s nostalgic, poppy punk rock sound takes you right back to the 90’s when records from Blink 182, MxPx and Green Day could be found in almost every teenager’s bedroom. Their self-titled EP features four amazing tracks of Italian feel-good punk rock.”

Blowfuse - Couch (released 04 November 2014)

01. Behind The Wall
02. Radioland
03. Fantasy Society
04. Not Enough
05. Reach For The Sky
06. Smiling Proudly
07. Storyteller

Blowfuse-Couch (MWR Jewelcase CD)
Blowfuse-Couch (MWR 12" black vinyl)

“It’s like they came straight from the 90’s , still Blowfuse’s authentic approach of punk rock is something you just can’t miss out on. This EP would be stuck in your walkman until the tape was worn out. Well, if you still had a walkman that is.”

Hoist The Colours / ASBO Peepshow - Having a Full English (released on 25 October 2014)
01. Hoist The Colours – Coffee
02. Hoist The Colours – Armstrong
03. Hoist The Colours – Mullet (For My Valentine)
04. Hoist The Colours – 100 Miles A Minute
05. ASBO Peepshow – Facebook Envy
06. ASBO Peepshow – Rejector Gadget
07. ASBO Peepshow – Beers in my Fridge
08. ASBO Peepshow – Asbo Zombies

Hoist The Colours-ASBO Peepshow (MWR CD) 

“Dutch skatepunk band Hoist The Colours team up with the UK punk rockers of ASBO Peepshow to release a split CD full of stupid jokes and 90’s punk rock. Don’t let their fat bellies and slightly greying hair mislead you, “Having a full English” is tight, fierce and above all, humorous.

Sidewalk -  Back To The Start (released 01 September 2014)

01. Fly Away
02. No Paradise
03. Put Through
04. False Calls
05. Bare Feet

Sidewalk-Back To The Start (MWR CD)

“Sidewalk’s first release with Gerko ‘Jesus’ Kamminga on vocals, who takes the band to the next level. ‘Back To The Start’ features five finger-lickin’ good punk rock songs about life. Sidewalk is stronger than ever, and ‘Back To The Start’ marks the beginning of an promising period.”

95-C Homeward Bound (released 15 September 2014)

01. Devil Inside
02. 26
03. Party At The Panteramone's Club
04. A New Lease On Life
05. Backseat Confidence
06. Undisclosed Words
07. Jump The Wall
08. From Dusk Till Dawn
09. Between Lights & Shadows
10. Emergency
11. Dumb Of The Dead
12. Waiting For The Catering

95-C - Homeward Bound (MWR CD)
95-C-Homeward-Bound (MWR 12" blue vinyl)

“After one full-length and two split albums, 95-C will release their upcoming record ‘Homeward Bound’ in September. The French answer to critically acclaimed bands such as Hot Water Music, Samiam and Bouncing Souls. Mind-blowing melodic punk rock straight from the heart.”

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