środa, 8 kwietnia 2015

Good Riddance new song

Good Riddance have released new song "Disputatio" from their upcoming album "Peace in Our Time, out in April 21 via Fat Wreck Chords. 

Vocalist Russ Rankin says:

“Disputatio’ is a Latin word which describes verbal dispute, discussion, or disagreement. The song is about holding on to what one believes is their truth, even in the face of opposition and ridicule. I suppose it stems from a lifetime of being told we aren’t able to affect change, that we possess views which are fringe and insignificant. As one grows older, it can become difficult to stand one’s ground, to resist the prescient tide of normalcy and consent.”

Watch/listen new Good Riddance song below:

Melodic Punk Style are going to buy this friday new Good Riddance album Peace In Out Time, released by Fat Weck on April 21. Those who want save couple euros or dollars can buy it here and receive it from Melodic Punk Style in end of April. Buy/pre order here

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