niedziela, 22 marca 2015

Mute - Tunderblast

A1 Bates Motel
A2 Wolf's Den
A3 The Tempest
A4 Homesick & Tired
A5 Nevermore
A6 Fastlane
B1 Calcul(H)ating
B2 Strangers Back Again
B3 To Be With You
B4 Shadow Of A Doubt

Released: April 24, 2014
Label: creator Destructor Records
Format: 12" vinyl, 2 press

1st pressing
Orange and Black Half , 125 copies pressed

 1st pressing 
Black in Orang, 125 copies pressed

2nd Pressing. 
Black-in-Beer w/ Splatter.125 copies pressed.

2nd pressing. 
Black/Beer Swirl w/ Splatter. 125 copie pressed

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