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Midget Fan Club

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Band members:

2006 line up
Jason Guy Smiley - Vocals/Bass
Myke Roa - Drums
Michael "Fish" Fisher - Guitar

2002 line up
Jason Guy Smiley - Vocals/Bass
Matt Penwell - Rhythm Guitar
 Damian Fedorko - Lead Guitar
Ronnie Bagley - Drums  

1999 line up
Jason Guy Smiley - Vocals/Bass
Matt Penwell - Guitar
Vince Jarocki - Drums

Midget Fan Club (1998-2010) was a punk rock band. Starting in Brunswick, GA, and ending in Los Angeles, CA. In 1998, GFS started the band with some friends. Most of them didn't take the band seriously and parted ways with the group. After 2 studio albums, he took the band west from Brunswick, GA to Los Angeles, CA (specifically Hollywood and then Simi Valley, CA.) Finding the LA talent pool deeper and richer than that of the bible belt, GFS met Myke and the two of them set out to recreate the Midget Fan Club (or MFC as they are known to fans.)

Start listening:

- Help Wanted (October 17, 2006)

01.Songs of the Doomed
02.I Lost My Beer
03.Miss Myra Lee
04.Exercise In Pointlessness

-A Total Nightmare (released 04 March 2002)

02.A Total Nightmare
03.Weekend Song (Part I)
04.Take The Fall 
06.The Thomas Jefferson
07.Weekend Song (Part II)
09.Reaching For Me
10.Standing Here
11.What Is Mine
12.Starting Over

-How To Save The World (released 15 March 2000)

01.How To Save The World
02.Involuntary Extinction
03.Best Friends Forever 
04.No Choice 
05.Stupid Elephants 
07.All Alone 
08.Introduction to Anthony 101 
09.Summer Personified
11.Don't Cut Off My Peter (Cause I Like It) (A Lot) 
12.A Pleasant Surprise 
13.Crash And Burn
14.Your Sister Is A Hippie
15.If You Knew Anything 
16.Mister Me
17.Voluntary Extinction
18.Walking In The Rain

-The Sink Is Overflowing (released 08 February 2000)

01.Jenni Eating Soup
02.Bitch is Ruthless
03.Do You Feel The Same For Me?
04.Please Don't Put Anymore Shaving Cream On My Car

-Pre Teen Sex Machine (released in 1999 by Imperfekt Records)
01.When Punk Rock Became A Fashion Show
03.Who Wanna Be With You
04.Punk Monkey
05.Random Talking
06.Stupid Elephants
07.Hey You
08. Jimmy and the Joysticks
09.Three Million Sheep

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