środa, 23 lipca 2014

Forus - Lights

01. War's Not Over, I've Just Found The Flag 
02. Air 
03. Radio Lives! 
04. Movement 
05. If All Else Fails (breathe in) 
06. If All Else Fails (breathe out) 
07. Beardy Crook 
08. Space, Time & Monkeys 
09. Crisis Management Of The Special Kind 
10. No Mercy
Release date: march 2014
Label: Bells On Records, Effervescence Records, Bird Attack Records
Effervescence Records Europe
Bells On Records (Japan)
Bird Attack Records (USA)

Every work from French skate punkers Forus requires full, unbridled attention and especially now when their new full album "Lights" came out, the most ambitious effort to date.

At the first everything is the same. Fast and insane technical guitars with breakneck speed a la Belvedere, Beerbong or Protest The Hero 2005 album Kenzia style. If you dig deeper you will realize that “Lights” is more varied than other Forus albums. The band show us more emotional side with skills to create more advaced structures of their songs. To the fast parts they added more swift tempo changes, great guitar riff located passages, sometimes screams, hardcore elements dealing with tempered sound. That allowed to expose more the lyrics and build emotions from the instrumental section. With this process the new album can be more listenable and  waht is important it should bring more fans to Forus band.

The french skate punkers did the same like A Wilhelm Scream on last album. They combined those technicality elements with emotional side, melodies, and choruses without having one element overshadow the next. It needs a lot of sills and care.

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