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Punk Rock Holiday 1.4

Pure passion, refreshing energy, adrenaline, new name and a fresh start on the most exceptional location! This is Punk Rock Holiday! 

If you love punk rock this festival is for you. The next  edition of Punk Rock Holiday will occur from 5 August to 9 August 2014  with that bands:

Nofx, Sick Of It All, Ignite, Reel Big Fish, A Wilhelm Scream, Authority Zero, Counterpunch, Implants, Adrenalized, Old Man Markey, Raised First, Rebuke, Mental Strike, SNFU and many more.    

Location: Tolmin, Slovenia
Date: 5 - 9. 08. 2014

Web and tickets:
Punk Rock Holiday official  
Punk Rock Holiday facebook 

Watch below Punk Rock Holiday 1.3 aftermovie 

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