czwartek, 27 marca 2014

Counterpunch are streaming new song off upcoming album "Bruises"

Chicago, IL melodic punk act Counterpunch are streaming their new song "Destoyed By Lions" off upcoming album "Bruises", out in August 5 at Cyber Tracks

Listeb below new  Counterpunch  song:

Counterpunch new album will contains 11 songs and will "blends the sound of 90’s melodic skatepunk with modern Rise Against style angst, and showcases the bands penchant for three-part harmonies and anthemic choruses". Check below whole tracklist:

01. Guardrails 
02. Bruises 
03. Young & Entitled 
04. Heartstrings 
05. No Man’s Land 
06. Destroyed By Lions 
07. Blueprint 
08. Clay Pigeon 
09. Grinder 
10. Peace Through Superior Firepower 
11. Bonfire

If you don't know the band you can check their 2 previous albums "Dying To Exonerate The World" (2011) and "Counterpunch" (2007) available to listen at bandcamp here

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