piątek, 14 marca 2014

Adhesive announced vinyl reissue of "From Left To Right" album

Swedish skate punk act Adhesive have published at facebook some great news that will please all band's fans and all people who loves 90's skate punk. Their "From Left To Right" album released in 1998 by Ampersand Records and in 1999 by Spanish Locomotive Records will be available soon on vinyl. 

"Hey kids! The vinyl reissue of Sideburner seems to have been the shizzle! With that said - brace yourselves for the vinyl reissue of From Left To Right : Adhesive. Hopefully out during the first half of this blessed year! Now go back to bed..."

Listen below "All In The Name Of Progress" song from Adhesive album "From Left To Right" 

From Left To Right is second band's album and will be second vinyl reissue. Their first album "Sideburner" was released on vinyl by Vinyl Love, Trilob Records, Can't Slow Down Records and  La Agonia De Vivir, available to buy at store posted below:

La Agonia De Vivir (Spain)

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