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Sound Of Us. Volume Three

Release date (digital version): February 5, 2014.
Cover: Daykneeart facebook and wordpress

01.Forus - War's Not Over I've Just Found The Flag 
02.Fold The Nuts - Fortune Teller 
03.A Wilhelm Scream - Boat Builders 
04.Atomic Winter - All My Heroes 
05.Dutch Nuggets - Not A Straight Line 
06.Hateful Monday - Flavor Of The Weak 
07.Fake Legacy - Once 
08.Torches To Triggers - Expect Revolution 
09.Ellesmere - Forty Five 
10.Mad Chioce - Beam Me Up 
11.Sparky's Revenge - With No Friends Left 
12.Avenal - Can't Stop 
13.Hard Landing - Soco Amaretto Lime 
14.Kept - Mr. Steroid 
15.Contra Code - Boring Damn You 
16.Misconduct - Ready To Go 
17.Straightaway - Over and Out 
18.One Hidden Frame - Balance 
19.The Human Project - At what point 
20.For Heads Down - Deceiver 
21.DC Fallout - Generation S.O.S 
22.Flipstar - So Alone 
23.Burn Out - Grandmothers Lovesong 
24.Melting Fast - B Style 
25.From The Tracks - Get Worse 
26.Flying Frogs - For Everyone & Anyone 
27.69 Enfermos - Derechos No Privilegios 

Melodic Punk Style's new compilation "Sound Of Us Volume Three" With a simple idea to promote active melodic punk bands and their albums, again "Sound Of Us" delivers previously unreleased tracks from upcoming band's releases. New song from French kings of skate punk FORUS, new song from Canadians melodic punk rockers Torches To Triggers, new song from Swedish skate punkers FROM THE TRACKS and new song from Greece Fold The Nuts Except that lots of great songs from fast melodic punk rock to pop punk.

Stream new Melodic Punk Style compilation below:

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