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Mental Strike/The Mor(R)ons split

01.Mental Strike - Untitled
02.Mental Strike - Damage
03.Mental Strike - Fuck You
04.The Mor(R)ons - Hellelujah
05.The Mor(R)ons - Sounds and Shapes
06.The Mor(R)ons - Why
07.The Mor(R)ons - Resting In Peace 

Release date:  October 18, 2013
Label: Giljotina Record

Do we need new bands influenced by Fat Wreck and Epitaph ? The answer is obvious and came from Slovenia where local record label Giljotina Records did an interesting split album by adding 2 young local acts Mental Strike and The Mor(R)ons. Even if they are not famous right now those two bands were able in short time to create their own styles. Influenced by bands from mentioned labels , presents 2 different styles of melodic punk. 

The first band Mental Strike offer 3 fast paced technical skate punk songs for fans of early 90’s times with speed melodic, technical and clean guitar work. The songs are simple and catchy on the other hand and that gives big pleasure when you listen them for the first time. Is it recipe for the success in future?. There is some character but the songs aren’t memorable and need some variations . That will help to elevate into great melodic punk band.

What you miss in Mental Strike music you will see at their countrymates The Mor(R)ons songs. The band present on this split 4 new songs which are solid with nice try to find solution between fast and melodic tunes that gives us product full of melodic punk songs with stops and goes , hard hitting riffs and clean vocal harmonies. What is the problem here that the band are losing originality great portayed in their 2012 full album “Down the Sunnyside lane". Let’s hope the guys are back to their form because there is potential in this bands.


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