sobota, 23 listopada 2013

NOFX published video with a new song "Stoke Extinguisher”

NOFX are streaming their new song "Stoke Extinguisher” from upcoming EP "Stoke Extinguisher" that will appear on CD/7" format on November 26, 2013. What it's new here that video for  a new NOFX song is result of contest where NOFX fans could make a music video for the band’s new song “Stoke Extinguisher” without even knowing what the song sounded like. 

After countless submissions, and hours of watching ALL the vids in their entirety, and yes, we even watched the full THREE minutes of a slug crawling up a wall (thanks for that), we’ve narrowed it down to three winners. We’ll be rolling all three out over the next couple weeks and we’re starting off with a pretty fuckin’ cool display of lego wizardry. Once we’ve posted all three we’ll have you cast your vote (via the poll on our front page) on who the winner should be.”

Watch below the video of first finalist with new NOFX song "Stoke Extinguisher”

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