środa, 20 listopada 2013

Mental Strike

Band members: 
Miha Veber - vokal
Nejc Podbregar - kitara
Robi Oravecz - kitara
Jonas Lesjak - bass
Andraž Žibret - bobni

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Mental Strike bandcamp profile

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 "We started this band somewhere in the beginning of 2010 as a trio trying to get something more than just noise out of our amps, that in 2012 we got a vocalist which lead to our first show. In march 2013 the guitar player left the band and soon got replaced with two new guitar players. Later in 2013 we released a split EP with our mor(r)onic buddies from Kranj and got signed to a independent Slovenian label Giljotina. In October 2013 we celebrated our first year of playing with awesome bands, at awesome places, while meeting new awesome people"…

- split with The Mor​(​r​)​ons (CD, released on October 18, 2013 by Giljotina Records)

01.Mental Strike - Untitled
02.Mental Strike - Damage
03.Mental Strike - Fuck You
04.The Mor(R)ons - Hellelujah
05.The Mor(R)ons - Sounds and Shapes
06.The Mor(R)ons - Why
07.The Mor(R)ons - Resting In Peace

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