środa, 6 listopada 2013

Chaser (skate punk from Orange County) are going to release old songs

Orange County, CA skate punk act Chaser are going to release old songs at band's bandcamp page.

Hey Everyone! It's been a while, but we are very excited to announce that Chaser will be putting out a new release very soon! We're going to be releasing a giant compilation of all of our Unreleased and Out of Print songs which were recorded between 2000-2005. 26 tracks! This is pretty exciting because the vast majority of you have never heard any of these songs from our early years before. We've been talking about doing this for a long time now, and we're very excited that it's finally going to happen. We'll be releasing an official announcement and all the info on it very soon, but we just wanted to give everyone a heads up. We hope everyone is looking forward to this release cause we sure are! Thanks, talk to you all soon -CHASER"

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