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Bells On Records will release new Skumdum album “Traveller Anthems”

01. Intro
02. Ten Thousand People
03. Controlled
04. Rönnskär
05. Fucked Again
06. The Rising
07. Bad Religion
08. Demons From The Past
09. Take Our Place
10. Never Ending War
11. Sluts Forever
12. Shine
13. Traveller Anthem
14. Why I Sing

Japanese melodic punk label Bells On Records will release new album from Swedish melodic punk act Skumdum. It's titled “Traveller Anthems” and it will appear officialy on December 11, 2013.

Right now the label launched special price for all people who will pre order it before release date.
Pre-order Skumdum abum “Traveller Anthems”  from Bells On Records store and listen below band's song from it


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