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Sound Of Us. Volume Two

Release date (digital version): October 10, 2013.
Cover: Daykneeart facebook and wordpress

01.Noisefight - Lifeboat 
02.Curbside - Dragged Away 
03.Adrenalized - Tarkin Doctrine 
04.Mute - The Tempest 
05.Straightline - Comatose 
06.Jet Market - Skeletons 
07.Acid Snot - Hometown 
08.Golliwog - Hermit Crab 
09.Local Resident Failure - (Still) Kickin' On 
10.Slaves To The Pavement - Under the Aura Tree 
11.G.A.S Drummers - Blind 
12.F.O.D - Frenzal Records 
13.RunningLate - Bad Habits, Good Memories 
14.Out Of Date - The World Is Burning 
15.The Minority - Lights Out In Wonderland 
16.A Hero Build - Choke 
17.Dead Neck - MDK 
18.Mental Strike - Untitled 
19.Skumdum - Bad Religion 
20.Chimp Change - Chopping Block 
21.Discontent - Together 
22.Twelve2Go - Friday Night 
23.Clipwing - What I'm With Isn't 
24.Dowzer - Friendshipwreck 
25.Broken Aris - Dissapointed 
26.Double negative - For Ray S 
27.In2Months - Monster

Melodic Punk Style has just released next compilation "Sound Of Us. Volume Two". All thanks goes to bands that agreed to contribute on this compilation. With a simple idea to promote active melodic punk bands and their released albums, again  "Sound Of Us" delivers  previously unreleased tracks from upcoming band's albums (Noisefight, A Hero Build, Skumdum, Chimp Change, Discontent, Broken Aris and In2Months.

Every dollar you donate or pay for this album will go directly into making this release available physically in the future.

Stream/download for free and donate below:


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