wtorek, 8 października 2013

Bells On Records will release The Decline album "I'm Not Gonna Lie To You"

01. Putain De Chaine Alimentaire 
02. I Killed The Trend Scene 
03. Refujesus 
04. You Died... Losing 16 Experience Points 
05. Oh, Fuck! 
06. Conjunctivitis
 07. Pope'd In The Eye 
08. Good Gravy 
09. Homophobes Are Gay 
10. Half a Beer 
11. Sentience Or Selfishness 
12. Untitled 
13. Radio Friendly - 
Bonus Tracks
14. Like Licking A Battery 
15. That's Incest My Friend 
16. Rape Without The 'E'

 Japanese melodic punk label Bells On Records will release The Decline  (skate punk from Australia) album  I'm Not Gonna Lie To You with 3 extra bonus tracks on it. The release date is set to October 16, 2013.

Right now the label launched special price for all people who will pre order it before release date. 

Pre-order The Decline abum “I'm Not Gonna Lie To You” from Bells On Records store and listen below band's song from it.

Pre Order  


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