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Band members: 
Brady - guitar
Mike - drums
Russ - geetar, The Voice
Sean - bass, American Idol

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"Upinatem began in the punk rock stronghold that is Jerome, Idaho, in May 1995. Sean Capps, who played guitar and sang, started the band with his two cousins while still in high school. Not long after they released the "Cool People Suck" cassette, Sean moved to Alberta, and the band petered out in his absence. In 1998, Sean returned to Idaho, teamed up with fellow guitarist Brady Borrowman, and resurrected Upinatem. In 2003, Mike Doherty became the drummer. In 2005, Sean got tired of playing guitar, opting to concentrate solely on vocals, but after going through umpteen bass players over the years, he took it upon himself to learn bass, and has been playing it ever since. In October 2010, Russ Worstell joined up on 2nd guitar, finally completing what we feel is the right lineup for the band. Since then our enthusiasm has been at an all-time high. After 16 years of putzing around Boise and the Twin Falls area, we are determined to make something of this band...whatever that is. :) Along the way, we have recorded 5 studio albums and one ridiculous(ly great) live album. We have also appeared on a handful of compilations, most recently the "Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Volume 4" 7-inch (our very first appearance on vinyl!). We have played scattered live shows throughout the western United States and British Columbia".

- Cool People Suck (1995)
- Designer Fascist Show
- Self titled (2001)

01.Mad At Me
02.Crystal Clear
03.The Answer Is Yourself
05.We Stand Unimpressed
06.Jill's Secret
07.Screwed In The Worst Way
09.Hittin' Trees
10.Matt's Mom's Donuts

- The Untimely Demise Of A Once Well​-​Read Nation (2004)

01.Where Were You On That One, Dipshit?
02.In Defense Of Natalie Maines
03.No Arms, No Legs, Lying On A Doorstep
05.Dick Cheney's Angina
06.Tragic Valey
07.Nothing Accomplished
08.We Stand Unimpressed
10.Storm The Bastille

-Democracide (2008)

01.No Longer Relevant
02.A More Deserving Place
03.Screwed In The Worst Way
04.PNAC's Bitches
05.Government's The Problem
06.We Remain Unimpressed
07.Dick Cheney's Audacity
08.Circling The Drain
09.Loyal Bushies
10.I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion

-Tour EP (2011)
01.The Gospel According To Erinnyes
02.Rand Must Die
03.Don't Sweat The Big Stuff
04.Sleepless In Hagerman
05.J-Town's Just A Football Team

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