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Effervescence Records


Effervescence Records is an independent record label based in France that building the local and international punk scene with quality punk rock, melodic punk releases.

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Effervescence Records releases:

Mute-Remember Death (October 14, 2016)

02.Fill The Void
03.The Dagger
04.Best Of Fights
05.A Love Affair With Fire
07.A Mirage Of Safety
08.Dead White Desert Route
09.Black Heart
10.Santa Muerte
11.Walking On A Thin Line

New album from Quebec band Mute. Pure skate punk album with their back to Raven era. Technical guitars are met by an equally awesome chorus/bridge in the vocal department. For fans of NUFAN/A Wilhem Scream.  

Format: CD, Vinyl
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Belvedere- The Revenge Of The Fifth (April 30, 2016)

06.Revenge Of The Fifth
07.Red Pawn's Race
09.The Architect
10.As Above, So Below
11.Carpe Per Diem
12.Generation Debt

Technical skate punk legends Belvedere returned with their first studio album in twelve years. "The Revenge Of The Fifth", delivering breakneck speed guitar wizardry played ultra-tightly with catchy vocal hooks just like on past records. Stylistically, it lands the band and this record at the exact midpoint between the ravaging technical, hardcore-laced punk of A Wilhelm Scream and the upbeat skate punk of circa "Pennybridge Pioneers"-era Millencolin, albeit in a turbocharged format. 

Format: CD, vinyl 

Not On Tour- Bad Habits (June 30, 2015)
02.Gut Feeling
04.Write It Down
05.Maybe One Time
06.Different Kind Of Weather
07.Black Coffee
08.Sick Of This Mess
09.Bad Habits
10.Stuck In A Rut
11.No Communication
13.Waste Of Time
14.Waiting In Line
16.Wake, Work, Sleep.

New album from Israeli band Not On Tour. Powerful driving female lead vocals and quick punchy instruments will please all fans of fast skate punk tunes.  

Format: CD digipack 

Not On Tour-All This Time (April 28, 2015)
01. I Wanna Be Like You
02. Banks
03. All This Time
04. Stay Home
05. That's Why
06. Oded
07. Over Night
08. True Illness
09. Tunnel
10. Box
11. Modern Slavery
12. Operation Running
13. This Is Revealing
14. Bunnies
15. Darling
16. The Question Came Up 
+  N.O.T On Tour EP

It's an Israeli quartet called Not On Tour. On this special edition All This Time' (2012) + 'N.O.T On Tour' EP (2011)  they attack the listener with short, under two-minute waves of aggressive, yet melodic punk rock energy that draws from intense melodic hardcore of Smartbomb, Shook Ones and other high-octane punk rock bands clearly rooted in hardcore. The raw, ringing distortion of their guitars is matched by the scratchy, roughened delivery of vocalist Sima, who leaves most of her male counterparts hanging their head in shame with the amount of sheer attitude and energy she's able to pack into her style.

Format: CD, Vinyl

F.O.D. -Tricks of The Trade (September 23, 2014)

01.Random Thoughts On A Saturday 
02.My Daily Valentine 
03.Welcome To The Show 
04.Not Even For One Day 
05.Sing Along 
06.Dear Grace 
07.History Will Prove Us Wrong 
08.Tricks Of The Trade 
09.Homeward Bound 
10.Little Princess (For Lente) 
12.Cease To Exist 
13.How Can You Leave Me If You Never Let Me Stay 
14.Mine To Me 
16.Something More 
17.Soundtrack Of My Life 

The best pop punk/melodic punk in Europe right now. 

Format: CD, LP limited to 300 copies.
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Forus - Lights (March 11, 2014)

01. War's Not Over, I've Just Found The Flag
02. Air
03. Radio Lives!
04. Movement
05. If All Else Fails (breathe in)
06. If All Else Fails (breathe out)
07. Beardy Crook
08. Space, Time & Monkeys
09. Crisis Management Of The Special Kind
10. No Mercy

French kings of technical skate punk are back with new album "Lights".  Released on CD and vinyl for all Belvedere, A Wilhelm Scream fans.

Format: Digipack CD, Vinyl (limited to 300 copies)
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A Wilhelm Scream - Partycrasher (December 20, 2013)

01.Boat Builders 
02.The Last Laugh 
03.Devil Don't Know 
04.Number One 
05.Gut Sick Companion 
06.Hairy Scarecrow 
07.Ice Man Left A Trail 
09.Walkin' With Michael Douglas 
10.Wild Turkey 
11.Born A Wise Man

Kings of technical punk rock A Wilhelm Scream finally return with a highly anticipated new album "Partycrasher" and do not disappoint.

Format: Vinyl Gold (limited to 250)

Adrenalized - Tales From The Last Generation (December 10, 2013) 

01. The Prophets And The Wise
02. Eyeless Men
03. The Empire Of The Greedy
04. Last Man Standing
05. Tarkin Doctrine
06. No Red Helmets
07. The Die Is Cast
08. Dead Inside
09. The Taste Of The End
10. When The Screaming Began
11. Crawling In The Ashes
12. Tales From The Last Generation
13. A Pleasure To Burn

New album "Tales From The Last Generation" from Spanish skate punkers Adrenalized released by Effervescence Records on CD digipak edition including an unreleased song and an exclusive sticker. Speed, melody and technique marks this album. 

Format: Digipack CD
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Straightaway - Last Exit To Nowhere (released on 3rd September 2013)

01.The Blissful Art Of Selling (Intro)
02.Weapons Of Massive Distraction
03.Fighting The Odds
04.Failure Is A Success
05.Keep Running
06.Revived and Alive
07.A Long Way To Go
08.Right Choice, Wrong Feeling
09.Over And Out
10.Sometime, Someday (Interlude)
11.Last Exit To Nowhere
12.The Future Is Yours To Make
13.My Own Demise
14.No Place To Call Home

Format: Digipack CD
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Antillectual - Perspectives & Objectives (released on August 23, 2013) 

02.Welcome to Le Jungle
03.With Gaga on Our Side
04.Work Horses vs Show Ponies
05.Pink Print
06.To All Members of Parliament
07.Future History
09.Mother Inferior

Format: Digipack CD, Vinyl (silver mixed black, white)
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White vinyl

Silver mixed black vinyl

Implants - From Chaos to Order (released 07 May 2013) 

01. Life Passes
02. Blinded
03. Through the Window
04. Once Was I
05. Mutualism
06. Bleed Within
07. Parallel
08. Stuck Around
09. Puppet Regime
10. These Walls
11. Unveiling
12. El Ron

First album of 90s SoCal punk supergroup, featuring members of Strung Out (guitarist Rob Ramos), Pulley (guitarist Jim Blowers), Ten Foot Pole (bassist Chris Del Rio and drummer Chris Dalley) and Ken Conte, the singer from Brown Lobster Tank. Fat Wreck Chords/Epitaph-style.

Format: Digipack CD, Vinyl (transparent clear edition limited to 300 copies)
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Uncommonmenfrommars - Easy Cure (released on November 6, 2012)

01.Sk8boarding hurts more when you're over 30 02.The only way to make it through the day
03.Guess what ?
04.Do you believe ?
05.You remind me the kids i used to hate at school
06.Half burning cigarette butts
07.Blue Pill
08.I had way too much fun
09.Jim got in a fight with Brian Molko
10.Too drunk to truck
11.Distorded information

"Easy Cure" is the seventh studio album by the French punk rockers, and it upholds the fantastic standard they've displayed throughout their career. There's no bullshit here, just great sing along melodies spliced with occasional bursts of hardcore punk, with no ambitions of evolving as artists or writing the next great rock opera. 

Format: Digipack CD, Vinyl
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Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape (released on April 27, 2012) 

01. Subhuman Nature
02. Three's A Crowd
03. Closed Doors
04. Unplugged
05. Quicksand
06.Two Minutes For Looking So Good
07. All About Perspectives
08. Elementally Regarded
09. Stain
10. Slaves To The Pavement
11. Early Retirement
12. Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Disasters
13. Bad Decisions
14. Anesthetic

Format: Reissue limited color viny white and transparent clear vinyl
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Wake The Dead - Meaningless Expectations (released on March 10, 2012)

Face A:
01. Mon Rêve Familier
02. Reaching The Sky
03. Bathed In Shadows
Face B:
04. Sweet Words Fuck Your Throat
05. The Feeling Inside
06. As Swallows

"WAKE THE DEAD, taking influence from bands such as HAVE HEART and (surprise surprise) COMEBACK KID, have big ideas with latest release ‘Meaningless Expectations’. Opening with ‘Mon Ravé Familier’, combining impeccable drum work with duel vocals leaping between shouting and screaming to produce an impressive end result."

Format: Transparent red vinyl edition  
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Nine Eleven - Le Rêve De Cassandre (released on January 24, 2012)

01.From Haven To Hell
02.Ninth Floor
03.Rose Schneiderman
04.The Pacific Solution
06.I.nside T.he T.rojanhorse
07.Let’s Cross The Acheron
08.Revolution Tonight!
09.Dance On Your Own Ruins Tomorrow 10.Maison Dieu

Format: digipack CD
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Mute - Thunderblast (released on September 15, 2011) 

01. Bates Motel
02. Wolf's Den
03. The Tempest
04. Homesick & Tired
05. Nevermore
06. Calcul(H)ating
07. Strangers Back Again
08. Neon Valley
09. Fastlane
10. Auto Self-Dstrct (European bonus track)
11. Shadow Of A Doubt

Thunderblast offer more heavier and varried side of Mute. Fans of Strung Out guitar riffs will be pleased. Bates Motel, Wof's Den, The Tempest are the fine first examples how the band can posses that sound without losing fast and melody. While Bates Motel offer a great balance between main and background vocals with perfect situated transitions, Wof's Den and The Tempest brings great guitar riffs. Damn that beginning of The Tempest. I can listen it over and over. I have that feeling that they listened a lot of rock or heavy metal bands lattely. I’m baffed how they used some elements from these genres to melodic punk album. 

Format: digipack CD (released on September 15, 2011), vinyl (released on April, 27, 2012)
Buy: Effervescence Records bandcamp or Official web site 

This is a Standoff - Be Delighted (released on September 15, 2011) 

01. Were Really Doing It 
02. The Enlightened One 
03. Head In The Sand 
04. See You At The Bottom 
05. Vanadian

The awesome new EP from Canadian punk rock heroes This Is A Standoff, the follow up to "Be Disappointed". 

Format: CD

Steve Rawles - Bonus Room (released on April 27, 2011)

01. Intro
02. Burning This House Down
03. Moving
04. Semi-Pro
05. She Doesn't Mind
06. Thinking Out
07. When I'm Gone
08. Sitting Next To You
09. Climb
10. Never Be The Same
11. Anyways
12. Let Go 13. Nite Nite

Steve Rawles, formerly of influential skate punk band Belvedere and This Is A Standoff and his first accoustic solo album Bonus Room. 

Format: CD
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Forus - We (released on january 28, 2011)

01.I Only Go To School For The Handrails
02.Under Stress
03.The Unlucky Number
04.The Link
05.Every Second Is An Hour
07.Welcome To The United Cigar
08.Watch Me Fall
09.Lifelong Sofa Ride
10.The Bottom Line

Quality  technical skate punk from France. The best band in this genre in Europe.

Format: Digipack CD
Buy: Effervescence Records bandcamp or Effervescence Records official

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