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F.O.D. - Ontario

01. Racket Rating 
02. 20 Second Song 
03. Passing Teralfene 
04. 36
05. Heroes 
06. Joke 
07. Like Them 
08. Ontario 
09. Counting Numbers 
10. Frenzal Records 
11. Song For Baby Hoping To Get Laid 
12. Because You're The One I Love So Dearly 
13. Carry On 
14. Wasted 
15. Starchild 
16. Decade

Release date: April 11, 2013 (Europe); July 24th, 2013 (Japan)
Label: Thanks But No Thanks Records, Bells On Records
Band profile:  F.O.D. at Melodic Punk Style
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Reviewed by Drossos

 F.O.D. are a punk rock band from Belgium around since 2008. I looked for “Ontario”, their latest full length, directly contacting the band after I saw the video for one of the new songs on it, “Frenzal Records”. A catchy title given the fact I love Frenzal Rhomb and it being a great introductory song. I must say that not only is this a good record but the people behind it are incredibly nice and friendly, not a given in my experience.

This is not a difficult review; I don’t have a bad thing to say about this 16 (!!) song record. F.O.D. specialize in melodic punk rock (with emphasis on the melodic part). Most of the songs are in the short mid tempo range of music, some of them faster, a few of them slower. Sure, you would not call F.O.D. extra technical musically, but who cares? Every single song on the record is great and extra catchy, simply impossible not to sing along to. Think of a cross between older Green Day, not so fast Frenzal Rhomb and not so technical Descendents.

The production of the record is close to excellent, everything sounds clear, tight and rocking. Lyrically the songs mostly have a serious tone and sometimes a fun side, always very well constructed, never immature. The band has done a couple promotional videos for the record plus two “professional” videos for the songs “Ontario” and “Carry On” so far. All of that work is fun and impeccable and I must mention the beautiful Ontario-esce artwork of the record.

F.O.D.’s top qualities though have to be the vocals and the harmonies. The band has an extra singer doing almost only vocal harmonies. That’s how many there are, that’s how thought out and well sung they are. This feature gives F.O.D. a more pop – punkier edge and a smile on my face.

Stand out tracks for me are “Frenzal Records”, “36”, “Heroes”, “Carry On”, “Ontario”, “Because you’re the one love so dearly” and “Decade”. A bold move to have 16 songs on a record when most bands nowadays deliver 10-song “full lengths”. Yet the record just flows naturally, no downs just ups.

F.O.D. continue down the path most of the bands on the now forgotten Lookout Records paved having a passion for melodic vocals and harmonies and blending it with a modern sound. Great songs and a lot of hard work make for a perfect record.


The nostalgic punker

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