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Band members: 
Steeve: vocals
Fat Nik: guitars
Stavros: bass
Pipis: drums

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FlipStar facebook profile 

FlipStar is a punk/rock band already counting 4 years on the Greek punk-skate punk scene with long record of live concerts in Athens and other Greek cities/provinces. Band members: Steeve, Fatnik, Pipis and Stavros have each shared the stage with great bands like Pennywise, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho, Less than Jake, Real Mckenzies etc. Their first release was a 5-track demo entitled "We're coming fast, we're coming hard" in 2010. Two years later, in 2012, with the support of PlayFalse Records they cut their first full length cd with the title "Back to Basics" based on the familiar and beloved sound of '90s punk/rock. At the same time they released their first video clip from the album entitled "State of Mind" and a little later released their second video for the song "This Feeling."  On July 13 2013 band self released new EP  'Sweet Sally Toe".

 - Back To Basics (2012)

01. Let Your Anger Grow
02. Old Friend
03. Living On The Edge
04. Unite & Resist
05. Panic Attack
06. Something To Believe In
07. Start Up A Fight
08. State Of Mind
09. This Feeling
10. Jenny's Song

- Sweet Sally Toe EP (2013)

01. Coming Home
02. So Alone
03. Sweet Sally Toe
04. Wrong
05. You And Me Against The World

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