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The Mor(R)ons

Band members:
Matevž, Simon, Aleš, Sebastjan

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The Mor(R)ons facebook profile

The Mor(R)ons are a punkrock/skatepunk band from Kranj, Slovenia. Starting out as kids hanging around the block, the band's current line-up stands from 2005 and consists of Matevž on lead vocals and guitar, Simon on guitar, Aleš on bass and Sebastjan on drums. After a number of unreleased demos and songs, they released a DIY EP titled "Healthy Selfishness" in 2009. Their new full lenght album, "Down the Sunnyside lane" was released on July 14th in 2012. Featuring 13 tracks, the album is a certain sort of "punk-rock-opera" with a nuclear fallout storyline flowing throughout the entire album. The band to this day remains unsigned and is currently looking for opportunities to release the album worldwide.

-Yin Punk (released on 13 Julu 2015)

01.Break my fall
02.Out of focus
04.Office blowjob
05.360 Punkflip
06.Deaf dumb
07.Taking back the music
08.One thousand and one
09.Heroes of the headlines
10.How flow can you go?
12.The part
13.Pretty dreams

-split with Mental Strike, released on October 18, 2013 by Giljotina Records)

01.Mental Strike - Untitled
02.Mental Strike - Damage
03.Mental Strike - Fuck You
04.The Mor(R)ons - Hellelujah
05.The Mor(R)ons - Sounds and Shapes
06.The Mor(R)ons - Why
07.The Mor(R)ons - Resting In Peace

-Down the Sunnyside Lane (released on July 14, 2012)

01.Superstate Manifesto
02.Love and other disasters
03.Good morning, Sunshine
04.The Prophet
05.The Survival
07.Underground Chronicles
08.Down the Sunnyside lane
09.No respect
11.Clean Slate

-Healthy Selfishness (2009, EP)

01.Hey baby, why not?
02.On our own 
04.Here to pretend
05.Behind his back 
06.In good hands
07.System Re-tarded 
08.One hundred metaphores

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