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The Indecision Alarm

Band members:
Micke Fritz - Guitar & Vocals
Geir Pedersen -Bass & Vocals
Mathias Andersson - Drums
Niklas Karlsson - Guitar

The Indecision Alarm official website

The Indecision Alarm is a band based in town called Katrineholm, Sörmland, Sweden. They formed the band early spring 2006 from bands like Union Square, Adhesive, Straitjacket Generation and Anguish. The Indecision Alarm is all about energetic and sincere, melodic punk/hardcore with political/personal lyrics.

Their first album was released November 21st, 2006 and it recieved good reviews:
"So when the new reached my ears that a new band, sporting three members of Adhesive had been formed, you can be sure it had my immediate and undivided attention. This little EP is the first recording from the band, licensed for the US through Tic Tac Totally, and boy are we in for a treat. It’s been a long time since a straight-up melodicore album was able to catch my unrelenting attention, as these 8 tracks have been playing almost non-stop in my car stereo ever since the EP landed on my doorstep. What with the legacy of Adhesive, TIA have pretty big boots to fill, but as can be expected there are a lot of similarities between the two bands, and it’s just more of the same melodic goodness all over, except that the whole is a bit more tempered and laced with different elements (that obviously stem from the members’ maturation as musicians over the years and their involvement with different projects since the day that the Adhesive Beast was lain to rest) than one would expect from a straight-up melodicore release. But even then, this EP is the most invigorating raucous punk attack I’ve been subjected to in the recent months, and while there are no truly epic harmonies, the songs don’t fail to grip from the get-go. Together with oversees bands like Latterman, and the likes of Rentokill, Antillectual and Phinius Gage closer to home, TIA look set to prove there is still a future for honest, raucous energetic punk in an age where the skatecore genre has been waning with the ever more popular dance-worhty synth pop and blending of genre borders. While TIA are not as angry as let’s say Propagandhi, they clearly operate from a legacy that incorporates much of the same passion for the ideals and spirit behind the punk movement, and it’s just a pure delight to behold! Maybe Geir and Micke’s vocals sound a bit casual sometimes, hinting at a lack of melody in some places, but it all adds to the raw, unpretentious DIY aspect and marks the whole as a true product of the underground. “The Frail Strength Of One” is a hard-hitter reminding of Adhesive in their “From Left To Right” period, while “Treadmill” features a huge chorus and faultless hooks, while the dual guitar attack and melancholic/angry vocal approach do their work for most of the other tracks. Fans of Adhesive, Hot Water Music, The Satanic Surfers, 88 Fingers Louie, Propagandhi, Husker Du and Face to Face and the likes will certainly not be found wanting after hearing this one …"

Their second album was split with Enemy Alliance. The New Wind and the Second Wave was released on August 27, 2007.
"Very European sounding, they offer up a much softer sound and slightly more subtle
guitar riffs. But it works. The key lies in the harmonized backing vocals."

In 2011 The Indecision Alarm contributed on Swedish Punk Rock - Sampler Compilation with Where Every Fucking Dream Is Killed song.

-Self Titled (Tic Tac Totally, November 21, 2006)

-Enemy Alliance/Indecision Alarm - The New Wind And The Second Wave Split (September 24, 2007, No Reason Records).

-Swedish Punk Rock - Sampler Compilation 2011

01. Atlas Losing Grip - Contemplation
02.Trevolt -Stanna upp
03. The Indecision Alarm - Where Every Fucking Dream Is Killed
04.Growing Pains  - War In My Head
05.Rebuke - Affection, Abandon, Affliction
06.Kept  - Flag Held High
07.Enemy Alliance - Moth
08. Misconduct - Won't Forget
09.Tag Your Targets - Caution
10.Fubbix - Sla Dig Ner
11.Pass On Tradition -Afflicted Silence
12.Hold Hands - Ta Vara Pa Tid
13.Steve And the Alcoholics - The World We Knew
14.Venerea - Last Stop Libertyville
15.From The Tracks - Reason Is Able But Hatred Is Mad  

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