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Band memebers:
Davor Bestvina - guitar
Žvakundra - guitar
Siniša Rajković - drums
Igor Kovačević - bass
Tin Kovačić - vocals

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Debeli Precjednik is a punk, hard-core band from Osijek, Croatia. Since the group´s beginnings in 1993, the band had the opportunity to accompany some of the most famous punk bands as SNFU, NOFX, Jello Biafra and GSOM, Lagwagon, Me first and the Gimme Gimmes, HC Andersen, Against Me!, A Wilhelm Scream, Ignite, H20, Toy Dolls, Down By Law, The Queers, Beatsteaks and many more. More than 500 held concerts and 4 European tours serve as best proof that one should hear this band live on stage!

 - Ti budan sanjaš (1994, split with Violently Happy!, tape)

A1. Debeli precjednik – Ne
A2. Debeli precjednik – Pobuna
A3. Debeli precjednik – Zajedno
A4. Debeli precjednik – Superstar
A5. Debeli precjednik – San Manje
A6. Debeli precjednik – Bez Mozga
A7. Debeli precjednik – Blown
A8. Debeli precjednik – Getting Older
A9. Debeli precjednik – Ska
B1. Violently Happy! – Feed Back
B2. Violently Happy! – Hollow Inside
B3. Violently Happy! – Not To Stay Awake
B4. Violently Happy! – Paralysed
B5. Violently Happy! – Pandora's Trip
B6. Violently Happy! – Rain Song

- Fat Man (7" EP Dirty Old Town, 1996)

A3.Let Her Go
B1.I Will Never Fall In Love

- Rat (Her) Burnt His Record  (Dirty Old Town, 1998, CD)

01. Die!
02. Things About Things About Things
03. 4 U I Stopped P-sing In The Sink
04. Cleanston Churchill
05. Emhb
06. Uniforms
07. Penzija
08. Twist & Shout
09. Another Day Conquered
10. Will You Show Me The Sun When I Grow Old
11. Alone
12. Unphobic Days
13. Goodbye
14. Neca Ima 100kg Od Čega Su 40kg Sise

- Tribute to Zli Farmeri (EP, HIT Records, 2001)

01.Famersko Srce 1
02.Famersko Srce 2
03.I've Turned Into A Pastir
04.Bon Jovi Straight Outta Mental Care

- Fist from East  (2003, CD,  Double Penetration)

03.My Own Thing
04.So Bitter
05.Ordinary Punk Story
06.Hits And Misses
07.Justify Lying
08.Ready to Fight
09.Smiling Right At Our Faces
10.Last Time I Cried
11.Death Or Glory
12.Underneath Your Window
13.Far Away From Home
14.Famersko Srce (Farmers Heart)
15.Bonus Track
16.Bonus Track

 - Through the Eyes of the Innocent  (2006, Moonlee Records, CD)

Enhanced part contains two full-length albums, "Rather Burn This Record" and "Fist From East", and a video for "Farmersko Srce

01.Watch Him Fall
02.Waste Of My Time
03.Mouth Full Of Blood
04.Thank You
05.Lajavo Pseto
06.Guilty Conscience
08.River Of Bodies
10.World Through Pink Glasses
11.Mala Vida
12.Now I Lose

– Bruto Slavo / VBK (2012, CD, vinyl 12", Moonlee Records)

 Bruto Slavo
02.Music Saves
03.Heroes Of Today
04.Against The Opposite
05.Young And Angry Men
06.Bottle In The Mouth
07.Brave Souls
08.Nothing Gold
10.Peter Pan Syndrome
11.One Book
12.Kinda Like Pegboy, But Not That Good
14.Puška Ne Ubija Ljude
15.Moja Su Koljena Umorna Od Moljenja

-Various - 4. Feistritz Hard Core Fest Live

01. Kislo grozdje - Sam 
02. Kislo grozdje - Way
03. Kislo grozdje - Plave rozice
04. Kislo grozdje - No
05. Kislo grozdje - Nebesna kletka
06. Kislo grozdje - Pot brez pomena
07. Kislo grozdje - In My World 
08. Kislo grozdje - I'm Falling
09. Kislo grozdje - X
10. Debeli precjednik - Old Days
11. Debeli precjednik - Let Her Go
12. Debeli precjednik - 4 U I Stopped P-Sing in the Sink
13. Debeli precjednik - Fat Defect
14. Debeli precjednik - EMHB
15. Debeli precjednik - Neca
16. Debeli precjednik - Remember
17. Debeli precjednik - Secrets
18. Debeli precjednik - Twist & Shout
19. Debeli precjednik - Goodbye
20. Debeli precjednik - Subforce
21. Debeli precjednik - Will You Show Me the Sun When I Grow Old
22. Valter brani Sarajevo - Your Pride Is Sick
23. Valter brani Sarajevo - My Friend
24. Valter brani Sarajevo - Don't Tell Me About Conformation 
25. Valter brani Sarajevo - Johnny Ramadani
26. Valter brani Sarajevo - Barba Duje
27. Valter brani Sarajevo - Cecilia
28. Valter brani Sarajevo - Johnny Bakerman 
29. Valter brani Sarajevo - It Wasn't Me
30. Absent Minded - Moja mama (Videosex)
31. Absent Minded - Sm bu pejen
32. Absent Minded - Rihmbercan 
33. Absent Minded - Noc
34. Absent Minded - Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue (Nomeansno)
35. Absent Minded - Vsak dan
36. Absent Minded - Cak Beri
37. Absent Minded - Oveneli kamen (V17.K) 
38. Absent Minded - Luna in mrak

-Tribute to Humphrey Bogart (tape)

01. Debeli precjednik - Old Days
02. Debeli precjednik - Will You Show Me the Sun When I Grow Old
03. Debeli precjednik - Pobuna
04. Debeli precjednik - Always
05. Debeli precjednik - Blown Away
06. ZzDESK - Fuck You, I'm Poser
07. ZzDESK - Parkic
08. ZzDESK - Tramvaj
09. ZzDESK - Svinje
10. ZzDESK - PPD
11. Mikrofonija - Ja ne zelim
12. Mikrofonija - Potpuno sami
13. Mikrofonija - Nemam snage
14. Mikrofonija - Kraj
15. I Don't Think So! - Treat On Time
16. I Don't Think So! - Ogledala
17. I Don't Think So! - Beyond Normal Mind
18. I Don't Think So! - Mrtvo nebo
19. Guzva u 17-ercu - D.J. materijalista
20. Guzva u 17-ercu - Voljenje
21. Guzva u 17-ercu - Vani je sivo
22. Guzva u 17-ercu - Izlaz
23. Guzva u 17-ercu - Volim te budalo mala

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