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Struggling For Reason

Band members:
JAY - Vocals / Bass
LAURENT - Guitar/Vocals
LIONEL - Guitar/Vocals
JULIEN - Drums

Band website:
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Struggling For Reason
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Active since end of 2007, this four-piece punk-rock band with a pinch of hardcore releases its first EP DIY “Nothing more than an outlet” in 2008. Six tracks of incisive and urgent punk-rock, filled with ever-present melodies and influenced by bands like Strike Anywhere, Good Riddance, Rise Against, Comeback Kid, NoFx,… Shows keep flowing within Belgium and France, and they share stages with bands like Uncommonmenfrommars, Toxic Waste, Tagada Jones, BrainShake, M-Sixteen and Charly Fiasco among many others. During 2009, they set foot in studio once again to record their second EP, “Game of Marvels”.

-Nothing More Than An Outlet (2008)

01.Still My Charm
02.How Ya Doin' ?
03.Giving Up The Ghost
04.Guilty Conscience
06.Last In First Out

- Game of Marvels (2009)

01.Born Without a Name
02.Buck the Trend
03.Hard Luck Story
04.Never Forget
05.Thanks for Nothing
06.Time Heals All Wounds

-For What It's Worth (released on March 2, 2012 by You're Fired! Records)

01.Up against the wall
02.The great betrayal
04.Before all is dead and done
05.Something to remember

-Mental Disasters​/​Natural Diseases (2013)

01.All The Way
02.Thin Red Line
03.Black Butterflies
04.Like A Ghost On Your Back
05.Skeletons In My Closet
07.Dead Letter

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