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Straight Ahead

Band Members:
Fabrice: vocals/guitar
Vincent: bass/vocals
Guillaume: drums (2007-2009)
Mathieu: drums (2001-2007)
Fabien: guitar (2001-2007)

Band Website:
Straight Ahead Myspace Profile

Born in 2001 in Aurillac (France), Straight Ahead was at its begining a four-piece band formed by Fabrice (lead vocals/guitar), Vincent (bass/vocals), Fabien (guitar) and Mathieu (drums). Mainly inspired at their begining by 90’s french punk rock scene (Seven Hate, Burning Heads, Sleazy Arse, etc…) and by californian melodic hardcore, their influences have evolved in direction of bands such as Samiam, Hot Water Music or Second Rate for example. In five years of activity, Straight Ahead have released a 4 tracks demo (2002) and a 6 tracks EP “The same way” (2004 dumb inc. records), appeared on several compilations and shared stage with bands such as G.a.s. Drummers, Burning Heads, Greedy Guts, Spudgun, Clumsy…

September 2007: After one year of stagnation due to Mathieu and Fabien’s departures because of geographical reasons, Straight Ahead is back as a trio with Guillaume’s arrival behind the drumkit. The band have begun rehearsing again and hope to come back on stage as soon as possible.
To be continued...


Demo 2002

The same way 2004

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