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Out Of Date

 Melodic hardcore band from Milan (Italy) Out Of Date are going to release first LP called "D - Side". They have just signed with Bells On Records, Japan.

Now you can listen from their myspace : 30 seconds You Sexy Thing Cover and full song Monsters.

About new release:
The first full length of the band, "D-SIDE", is coming to airwaves near the end of 2010. Think of the new tunes as a perfect mix of melody and technical precision, influenced mainly by Lagwagon and Strung Out.
The lyrics touch on different arguments but they are tied together by a common reccurrence which is the criticism towards modern society. It's from this main theme that powerful and thoughtful musical pieces come to life, such as: "My Big Mistake", "Shame", "Pay My Bullet" and "Monsters".

In terms of the lighter side of things, there is no lack of songs in that department, for example "Vita", "Wind", "Heartbeat" and the cover of the world-famous 70’s hit "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate will grace your ears with soothing melodies.

The contrast in the band’s songs can be seen in the way they’ve divided the album up which is an analogy of the society in which we live in today. On one side of the pond you are presented by an element of novelty which turns into the presence of six tracks in "D" tune which act as the displeasure and pessimism of “working for the man” in society and on the other side of things, we have other six tracks in "E" tune that bring hope and optimism to our heart and soul.

The album’s "D-SIDE" title, sounding like the word "decide", came to life from the idea of representing a single word towards the main concept of the full length. That right there is the contrast between the everyday reality that we live in and the hope for a better future.

Take a position! "Decide" which side you want to rise up to and take a step forward against all the chaos that human kind is committing to itself and the surrounding world!

Out Of Date Myspace Profile

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