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Fake Legacy

Fake Legacy with Atlas Losing Grip

Band members:
Tobias Hjalmarsson - guitars/vocals
Fredrik Eriksson - bas/vocals
Band website:
Fake Legacy Myspace Profile 

Fake Legacy was founded the summer of 2008 by Fredrik Eriksson and Tobias Hjalmarsson in Karlstad, Sweden. Inspired by bands like Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi, Misfits, Atlas Losing Grip, Nofx and many others they wanted to create music that wasn't as straight as your typical punkrock songs. With lots of solos, odd riffs and lyrics about their own life experiences they found their style of playing. They have recorded two demos, first one released in 2009 called "Fuck Earth" and another one titled "2010 Demo" as a preview of their upcoming full length. They are currently looking for a drummer and one more guitar player to complete the lineup. Lots of stuff happening in 2011 so keep your eyes and ears open!

Fake Legacy 2 demos

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