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Chimp Change

Band members:
Jawsh - Vox, guitar, man of mystery
Boots - Vox, guitar, train conductor
Blitzcraig - Hollerin', bass, impropreity
Ozone - Drums, vox, poutine
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Comprised of guitarists Josh “Jawsh” Hauta and Ben “Boots” Alain of the now-defunct Red Deer act Fridge or Freezer?, with Craig “Blitzcraig” Cameron-Weir of the Smash and Grab Ladies (RIP) on bass, and Jason, aka “Ozone” keeping the beat, Chimp Change have been hammering out their own brand of sonic mayhem since the summer of 2010. Influenced by the Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords sounds of the 1990’s, Chimp Change’s punk rock stylings are enjoyed by fans of Bad Religion, Pulley, No Use for a Name, SNFU, and more.

 A few months after its formation, recording began for the group's debut release Bruises. Tracked from the living room rehearsal space in a palatial central Alberta ranch house affectionately dubbed "The Peasant Palace" by friends of the band, the slightly-more-than-an-EP would go on to receive praise for its “corset-tight musicianship” while helping the fearsome foursome build a strong local following over the next two years. Since then, they’ve played shows all over the prairies with bands hailing from near and far, including an opening spot for SNFU in 2011.

Having laid low for several months as members attended to other commitments, the boys are coming roaring back with their first full-length album, Type Zero Civilization. Crafted at Echo Base Studios in Calgary over nine days in February of 2013, Chimp Change’s sophomore release is due out in the spring of this year. .

- Three Song (EP 2010)
- Bruises (March 1, 2011)

01.Noob Saibot
02.Song 6

- Type Zero Civilization (June 18, 2013)

01.Cellar Door
03.Chopping Block
06.Hot Glue Gun
07.Toad Stroganoff
08.No Tomorrow
09.July 12

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