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Panda Jerk

Location: St. Albert, Alberta

Band Members:
Andrew Bateman - Drums
Graham Charles - Guitar/Vocals
Evan Hansen - Guitar/Vocals
Will Kujala - Bass

Web site:
Panda Jerk Myspace Profile

Panda Jerk was formed in 2008 out of a common love for fast melodic music. After making a couple songs they played copule shows and picked up their new singer/guitarist in 2009. In February of 2010 they started tracking for their album 'Endtroducing: The Old Panda Jerk'. They finished up in 8 months and by that time the band had moved on from their old pop-punk sound. Currently they are writing new material with a new bassist and soon to be tracking a 3 song ep.

- Endtroducing: The Old Panda Jerk, by Panda Jerk (2010 digital release)
1. Monopoly will be the end of me
2. Suffused elephant quaff winces exasperating
3. Chum Bucket
4. To mock a killingbird
5. Deja Poo
6. The only instrumental with lyrics
7. Ass Dragonz

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