środa, 15 września 2010

Name Withheld

Band:Name Withheld

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Band Members:
Alexandre Mailhot-Théberge - Vocals + Guitar
Pierre-Olivier Sabourin - Guitar
Marc-Olivier Crépeau - Bass
Gabriel Denis - Drums

The band was formed in 2001 by Alex, Marco and Gab. After that inluenced by Belvedere, Choke , NOFX, Strung Out they recorded in 2002 first demo contains 6 songs.In 2003 to the band joined P-O. In 2004-2006 the band was on 2 compilations. In 2009 they released first LP called Speechless contains 10 songs.

This is the great example that highly technical songs with infectious melodies can be played these days.

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