czwartek, 30 września 2010


UK hardcore/punk band Chief knows from their incredible and fast style(Provocation of the Nation) attack with new songs: Exposures and This Island. These comes from their new EP called "Exposures".

I'm still bafled how these guys can play so fast and so technical while fulfills their potential in hardcore punk music. The first thing which you will immidiately notice is great production and mastering. In comparision to their previous album called Provocation of the Nation production is better and if you start dig deeper you will notice that these fantastic crackers are more varied. They don't affraid to try out new things. Transitions are more fluent. Stops and goes makes these songs more intersting. The lead vocal is more agressive. They started using double vocals which are great exhibit. Backing vocals palys great in these songs. There is great balance and harmony between lead vocals and backing vocals. This patern is repeated throughout the songs. That makes a real touch to these songs. With this Exposures and This Island are more audible and enjoy every time when you listen them. By adding energy, songs easily elevate from good to excellent. Compositions shine more than ever. Fluent transitions, high tempo combined with heavy sounding guitars including tempo changes give something that not even we could have imaged.

In "Exposures" songs can captivate my attention more than ever.

Did I heard world politics?. It's very possible becouse Chief is famous from semi-political themes and lyrically they are trully involved. This can lie in heart every punk / hardcore fan.

They are restoring my faith in european scene ability and generally in this genre.

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