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Disconnect Disconnect Records

Punk rock label focusing on independent punk rock bands from the UK and worldwide.

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Thousand Oaks - Monsters Begetting Monsters (released on January 29, 2016)
01.Dim Firmament 
02.Sow The Wind 
03.Reap The Whirlwind 
05.Being The Chain Breaker 
06.Yard Time 
07.I Know Now Why You Cry 
08.Life Eats Life 
09.You Can't Fight Fate 
10.Poison Coated Empty Jar 
12.Dredged Up Resemblance 
13.Monsters Begetting Monsters 
14.Nowhere To Hide 

The awesome debut album by Italy skatepunk / melodic hardcore masters Thousand Oaks is here! Comprising of 4 ex members of Jet Market, Monsters Begetting Monsters is the sound of a band naturally progressing but staying true to their ripping fast skate punk sound.


Years and Miles-Luck In Life (released on October 9, 2015)

01.Sick Sick Sick
02.Cellular Timebomb
03.Steal The Waves
04.Second Chance Truth
05.The Last Drink
06.We Are The Choices
07.Inside Out
08.House Hold Punks
09.Youth Anyway
10.The Treachery Of Images


Blending melodic punk and melodic hardcore in elegant way Italians Years and Miles  presents you 10 tracks of new album Luck In Life. That should looks debut release  which makes listen over and over.


Bottler - Rotten Routine (released on September 4, 2015)
01.Rotten Routine
02.Death Wish Cyclist
03.Your Own
05.Pleasuring Her Majesty
06.Boys Don't Cry

New EP from UK melodic punk band Bottler. Listening this EP makes to sing loud their songs. Lots of melodies stops and goes with nice The Cure cover Boys Don't Cry.



Adrenalized-Docet Umbra (released on August 25, 2015)

A1. 300
A2. No More Vassals
A3. Fastest Way To The Mainline
A4. Grey Youth
A5. Guerrilla Fashion
A6. The Fabulous Story Of Billy J. Donovan Frankenmaister
B1. The Megamachine
B2. Walls Of Ignorance
B3. Euskerika
B4. Seeking Glory: First Step To Failure


Here it is, the second album 'Docet Umbra' from Spanish shredders Adrenalized, remixed and remastered and on vinyl for the first time! If you love your skatepunk fast, furious and riffing, you probably already know Adrenalized, who have been taking the skatepunk scene by storm over the past few years.


Going Away Party- Going Away Party (released on June 8, 2015)

01. Punk Rock Rick
02. It Goes On
03. Stitches
04. Go For A Ride
05. Knocks & Bruises
06. Quiet Weekend
07. Stay 8. Wyoming
09. Pining
10. Bro's
11. Paper Planes


The brilliant debut album by one of the UK's best upcoming emo bands, Going Away Party. Featuring 11 tracks mixing influences from The Get Up Kids and Mineral to The Early November and Joyce Manor.


Rebuke/Money Left To Burn - Split (released on 1 st June 2015)
01. Rebuke - Hunter Street
02. Rebuke - Dogs In a Bucket
03. Rebuke - You're a Sick Park
04. Rebuke - Vanity Fair (Inspection 12)
05. Rebuke - The Cellular Cosmogony
06. Money Left to Burn - Finish Line
07. Money Left to Burn - Common Shame
08. Money Left to Burn - Ladders
09. Money Left to Burn - Proven Wrong
10. Money Left to Burn - Dreaming 'bout Utopia


The new split CD from Sweden's Rebuke and Germany's Money Left To Burn. 10 tracks of skatepunk greatness from two of Europe's finest!


Local Resident Failure - This Here's The Hard Part (released on March 13, 2015)

1) Around The World
2) A Friend Called Hope
3) Old Skool
4) Brainwashed
5) Long Night
6) Rockstar
7) Roll On 2
8) Into The Unknown
9) Failing Heath
10) The Shadow Of My Former Self
11) Newcastle Nights
12) Time Machine
13) Sirens
14) The Re-Opener


The new album from Aussie skatepunkers Local Resident Failure is nearly here! The guy's have really upped their game with this album, and shows why they are one of the top skatepunk bands in Australia and quickly becoming an international name on the scene. DIsconnedt Discoonet Records are offering at their store 50 copies on black vinyl (20 copies) and 30 on mustard yellow. 


Hogwash - Rainmaker  (released on January 30, 2015)

01. We Have To Go Back
02. Cutting Circles
03. Magnitogorsk
04. Gemini
05. Samurai
06. The Skin Of The Back
07. Save Me
08. Looper

The vinyl edition of French melodic punk  Hogwash's "Rainmaker" A great album for fans of fast, melodic and pop tinged skate punk and punk rock music. Comes on lovely white vinyl, complete with download code, and includes an awesome Queen cover!!!
Hogwash - Rainmaker (DDR vinyl edition)

United compilation (released on 03 November 2014)

"United" is Disconnect Disconnect Records new compilation, featuring 27 of the best bands from the UK punk rock and independent music scenes. They've put together a bumper selection of great bands from around the UK, with the hope that this'll give a lot more exposure to some of the great independent bands around the UK, help forge friendships, grow contacts and most importantly get this music out there to fans not only within our scene, but all around the world.

Any donations will be very gratefully received and go towards covering the cost of artwork, mastering and distribution of the compilation, along with the cost of sustaining an independent punk rock record label in 2014!

Lots of awesome skate punk, melodic punk, melodic hardcore bands from UK: Darko, Bottler, Almeida, Dead neck, The Human Project, River Jumper and more
Unite Disconnect Disconnect compilation (digital version)


7 Years Bad Luck - Bridges (released on 1 November 2014, CD)

01. We’re not getting any
02. All I know
03. Time is a thief
04. Beggars and kings
05. Bridges
06. Falling apart
07. I’m not gonna sleep tonight
08. Waiting
09. Live today
10. The one for me
11. I don’t like cats
12. 100 different places
13. Birthdays
14. Far away
15. Out of focus
16. I still know

7 Years Bad Luck-Bridges (DDR CD version)

The great new album from Austria's best pop punk / melodic punk band 7 Years Bad Luck is here! This is another great album from the band, which should get fans of bands like The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio and The Loved Ones very excited! We’re releasing the album alongside Monster Zero Records of the Netherlands.


Bottler - Smithereens (released on 1 March, 2014)

02.Ready, Willing, Able
05.No Questions Please

Bottler are a 4-piece DIY melodic punk rock band who meet to plot, scheme, and practice in a secret location between Guildford and London.

Bottler, for all intents and purposes, are talented musicians. The highlight is Mastermind – the most ‘Oi!’ song of the five with a grabbing intro and frog-stomper of a beat.' - The Punk Archive

Bottlet - Smithereens(DDR digital release)


Rust Belt Lights - Religion & My Ex (released on January 2014, LP)

01. Wasted Wishing
02. Old Ghost
03. Dead Letters
04. How To Live Without
05. Stolen Lines
06. Parkside
07. If Nothing Ever Changes
08. Stay Young or Try Dying
09. There Is An Ocean
10. Selfish Boys
11. Pack Up and Let Go
12. Just Words

Rust Belt Lights-Religion & My Ex (DDR CD version)

The new album from Buffalo, NY's Rust Belt Lights! Great melodic punk rock which'll delight fans of bands like Lifetime, The Swellers and The Story So Far.


Home Advantage - Cadet (released on July 2013)

01. Short-Termism
02. Youth Theatre
03. Markers From Home
04. Ropeswing
05. (The Sands Of) San Lorenzo
06. Barriers

Home Advantage - Cadet (DDR CD version)

The debut EP from London's top pop punk band Home Advantage. Bringing to mind the best pop punk and punk rock of the golden years of Drive Thru and Fat Wreck Chords, Cadet shows a band with deep routes in the classic punk rock of their youth, but also blending in some newer influences to create a fresh pop punk record which should appeal to fans of the punk rock scene of the early 2000's and today


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