niedziela, 25 lipca 2010

We Love Danger

Band Members:

Rémy Verreault (Drum/B.Vocal)
Bruno Charest (Guitar/Vocal)
Sonny Letourneau (Bass/Vocal)
Alex Bergeron (Guitar/B.Vocal)

Web sites:

We Love Danger facebook profile
We Love Danger Myspace Profile
We Love Danger Reverbnation

We Love Danger was recently formed in Quebec City by musicians who knew each other since a long time from playing in different bands but in the same shows.Remy (former GFK, ATM, Obsolete Models) and Sonny (ex-GFK, Obsolete Models, Senseless, Sonofabeat) were playing together since 2001, but recently had to disband Obsolete Models due to departure of their 2 guitar players.As a follow up, they wanted to keep playing punkrock, so they spoke with their long time friend (and Sonny's cousin!) Bruno (ex-Dual Peak, Crane) about playing together as a trio. It seemed to them that the answer was obvious!!. Three punkrock veterans couldn't ask for more than jamming with their bros!. After a year of composing WLD wanted to have a larger sound so they invited Alex B. (ex-TwentyBigMistakes) to join in as a second guitar player. 

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