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Turn It Red

Band members:
Bob - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Adam - Vocals/Guitar
Hayden - Bass/Backing Vocals
Jack - Drums/Backing Vocals

Web sites:
Turn It Red facebook profile
Turn It Red myspace

We are Turn it Red, from up north! We play fast, melodic, punk and thats the way we like it! Since October 2007 we've been privelidged to have support slots with bands including, Jet Market, Bedtime for Charlie, Rentokill, Short On Time, X-State Ride, Chief and This Is A Standoff to name a few and have just spent a month on the road throughout Europe sharing the stage with Death Is Not Glamorous, xRepresentx. We have recently recorded our second EP @ Hell Smell Recordings, Rome with Alex (Jet Market).

In July 2011 they announced the end of Turn it Red.

"After a few years of having an absolutely ace time doing what we do, we'd like to give a massive shout out to everyone who's ever come to watch us play, put us on at a show, bands we've played with and anyone who's just generally supported us. I'm sure you'll see us all doing other stuff soon, but until then...Thank you and goodnight!!" 

Some members from Turn It Red featuring in new band PROLECALL.

About Turn It Red's second EP  All Time Will Show

Don't Cross The Streams showed a new promissing band and now in 2010 with All Time Will Show they proved that can share the scene with the best bands. Turn it Red joined to the best new melodic hardcore bands. In genre which is a little overcrowded these guys fulfills their potential.

The only complaint that I can give now that this is only EP. Well for me, when some band is good I want more and more from them. I will wait listening this EP.

There are 5 track on All Time Will Show but everything fuctions great. I will say that Turn it Red is close where the melodies, harmonies, potential and many more mark the music. Everything beetwen skatepunk, hardcore and rock. Nice work. Even if many asspects of their music can be found in bands that created this genre before Turn It Red this is solid debut . If you like fast melodic hardore in high level this might be your thing. It's worth to buying All Time Will Show. Recomended for Wilhelm Scream and Forus fans.
Melodic Punk Style 

-Don't Cross The Streams

01.Pushing Through
02.Only The Strong Survive
03.Lions Led By Donkeys darmo
04.United Sheep Of Nothing
05.King Raymond
06.March Of The Sky
07.Say Goodbye

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