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Losing Must

Band members:
Denis, Bo, Mads, Henrik

Web sites:
Losing Must facebook profile
Losing Must myspace profile

Losing Must is a new band, but the story of LM goes way back. In 1986 the three members ended up in the same preschool, and up through school they shared the same joy for skate punk as they grew up with in the 90s. A passion they still share.

In '96 they went separate ways, only to be reunited 13 years later in Losing Must. Since 1997, Hønse & Djarnis had a melodic skate punk band by the name The Jerkoffing Jerks, in which they played and put out records in true DIY fashion.

It was through a mutual friend that Mads & Djarnis came in contact with each other, in the spring of '09. After a short while Mads was asked, if he would step up and play bass in The Jerkoffing Jerks, which he accepted as his time in MeanBroGreen had reached its end. The trio quickly agreed on taking the best from The Jerkoffing Jerks backlist and refine it, to start up under a new name...

... Losing Must was born.

-Rising (EP)

02.Slaves To Authority
04.Damaged Goods

-Reclaming Yesterday (EP)

02.For what it's worth

-Disturbing The Silence

01.Collateral Damage
03.Point Your Finger
04.Authority & Me

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