środa, 21 kwietnia 2010

Not Your Savior

We are NOT YOUR SAVIOR from Hull/Aylmer, Quebec, Canada. This band (with members from Overhead and Down Beneath) started out during winter 2007 as a 3-piece composed of SarZ, Dave and Jeff. In 2009, the band expanded with Guiz taking over the bass duties. We share a passion for plain and simple punkrock with good old sing along choruses! Are you ready to rock!?

Nothing seemed to affect the way you felt about this cause
This ideology was always filling up your thoughts
This music used to run, and it was running through your veins
You had a cause worth fighting for
You said this was a way of life
It was only fashion
You turned your head around and went the other way
Leaving your so-called life aside,
Why don't you move out you just may
Trendy winds have blown everything away
It's sad for me to say, you're now a poser in a way!
Your songs are leaving me feeling indifferent and bored
Stripped of all meanings, and sounding just like someone else
Your voice don't seem to have a striking impact anymore
Even though you cared before
This was almost a lie


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