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Band members:
J.J. Boudreault - Guitar - vocals
Fernando Carreiro - Guitar - vocals
Ross Fifield - bass - vocals
Jesse Silsbe - Drums - Vocals
Arend Stamhuis - Vocals

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Fableway was formed in Terrace B.C. Canada on an October day in 1996. Jesse Silsbe finally got his first drum set and immediately called J.J. Boudreault. After Jesse assured him that the un-tuned knock off kit was in fact a real drum set, J.J. borrowed an axe, and contacted his best friend Ross Fifield. Rossco had recently purchased an old Hagstrom bass and amp, and had previously expressed that he wanted to form a band. Fableway had their first practice the next day.

After playing a few gigs with different vocalists, some kid just showed up at one of their rehearsals, he wanted to join the band. He just started playing and singing a whole bunch of old punk songs. He was pretty good, and best of all he was a punk rocker! Arend Stamhuis became the new lead singer of the band.

Fableway recorded their first E.P. “high 90’s” in 1997. A few months after recording the album, J.J., Jesse and Arend had taken a friend’s Ford Explorer for a joyride. J.J. crashed the Explorer off a large embankment, rolling it more than 6 times. Miraculously no one was seriously injured. This was the final straw for Arend, his mother decided to send Arend to live with his dad in Vernon in 1999. “High90’s” was never released.

Within a few weeks Fableway had found a new front man. Colin Davies Replaced Arend, and a few months later in 2000 the band added a fifth member, a young shredder named Fernando. They quickly began working on their next record. “No Bullshit” was recorded in 2001, they released it D.I.Y. and started promoting the band throughout Northern B.C. After enjoying a year of success locally, Fableway decided the only way to spread the word about the band was to start touring. However touring from Terrace presented a huge challenge due to the remoteness of their community .It had become obvious that the band needed to move south. In 2002 J.J. had an opportunity to move to Vancouver Island. He left hoping the others would follow…

In 2003 J.J. and Jesse moved to Victoria B.C. with their old friend Arend, who wanted to rejoin the band as a guitarist. A month later Ross and Colin made the move. Fableway began rehearsing and played a few gigs before Fernando Graduated in 2004, and re-joined the group in Victoria. Not long after they had written their next album, Colin quit the band and moved back to Terrace. The band auditioned a couple guys, but instead decided to re-instate Arend as lead Vocalist.

Fableway released “No Bullshit” in 2005 and continued playing shows in Victoria and around B.C. In 2006 the band recorded their self title record which they released in early 2007. Later that year they toured B.C. with The Johnsons. In 2010 they recorded and released “FUCKSEXBBQ”, which they quickly went out on the road to promote. It was a successful tour on which they travelled all over B.C. and Alberta managing to link a few dates with the Dayglo Abortions, as well as S.N.F.U. (Two B.C. Punk Legends). Currently Fableway is preparing to record a new E.P. The target release date for the new E.P. is June 15th 2011. A West coast tour is in the works for August and into September.

All three of Fableways latest albums have been released on the national distribution Circuit, and can also be purchased on I Tunes and Interpunk. In the future Fableway will continue to write and record original melodic punk rock songs, and play them LIVE anywhere People will listen!

- High 90's (1998, Unreleased)
- No Bullshit (Released on January 6, 2001, Independent)

01.Let Me Be
02.No Way Out
03.I Close My Eyes
04.Clench Your Fist
05.Make It Right
06.High 90's
07.Expendable Humanity
08.Ravers Suck

- Fableway (Released on June 1, 2007, Independent)

02.Ross Crazy
04.April Vine
06.Lady Africa

-FuckSexBBQ (Released on April 20, 2010)

01.Here They Lay
02.Given Gone
03.What Not To Che
04.Chronicles Of A Shitty Day Play MP3 clip
05.Jonesin Ghost
06.Hey Raulen
07.God Pill
09.Big Brother

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