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Kickstand Records

Kickstand Record is a small Punk Rock Record Label from Phoenix, AZ.

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-At The Courthouse-Five (August 9, 2016)

01.Turn It Up 01:01
02.Rory and Ryan 02:37
03.Upon Deaf Ears 02:07
04.It Only Takes One

"Started in December of 2014 and still going. We formed this group for the love of punk and what it stands for. Our lyrics and music are inspired by the past and the present, the good the bad, to all stand as one instead of letting the world divide us"
Influences: Adolescents, DI, BBQ Chickens, The Casualties, Screeching Weasel, Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, The Distillers, Descendents, Pennywise

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 -No Fly Zone split Good vs Evil / Loser Points (July 4, 2016)

01.Good vs Evil - Freaks Of SoCal
02.Good vs Evil - Dear Elaina
03.Good vs Evil-To Whom It May Concern
04.Good vs Evil-Something For Nothing
05.Loser Points-All My Circuits
06.Loser Points-Humongous Big
07.Loser Points-Hogs Of Glory
08.Loser Points-Death Stare

No Fly Zone is a split EP with Kickstand artist  USA skate punk act Good vs Evil and Canada fast agressive melodic punk band  Loser Points. This split features new releases from both bands that you can only listen here at No Fly Zone EP.

Kickstand Records bandcamp

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-Kickstand Records compilation Vol. 1 (June 30, 2016)

From Six Till Eigh, Loser Points, Tinny Winny Bitty, 4 Minute Warning, The Venomous Pinks, Chimp Change,The LessOff's, Reckless Dodgers, Good vs Evil,Black Mountain Moonshine, Huntington Beach Harmony, The Prevalent, Sex Wax, You Dirty Rat, Rundown Kreeps, Second Go, Trashed Ambulance, No Gimmick, No One Wins, Avalen, Chasing Sounds, Out To Lunch, Newschooled, The Quintessential, The Riggs, The Difficult Brown, The Creepoids, Dr Bob's Nightmare, Heroes Conquest, The Fuck Ups, Johnny Two Chords, Subculture, Psychopigs, Tomb Of Nick Cage

Compilations from labels always shown bands on their catalog but this one is different. Except couple bands from Kickstand Records Vol. 1 presents us more local punk rock bands with 2 or three songs. Add 90's feel and you have rad compialtion.

Kickstand Records bandcamp

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-Rundown Kreeps - B4 We Begin

1.Me & Jay In Space 
2.Silent Shots 02:39
3.Glass & Regrets
4.The Routine
5.Pulling Pins
6.Seem To Care
7.Midnight Song

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