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VLE Records

Vacant Lot Entertainment (VLE) is an independent record label based in Oakland, CA.

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Fozzys Hero - Successfully Set For Failure (released on June 12, 2015) 

01. Intro
02. 1,000 Mile Stare
03. Broken Mirrors
04. Lessons Learned
05. Mass Destruction
06. Blind
07. It's Alright
08. Loneliness
09. Not Anymore
10. Faceplant
11. Inside Job
12. Final Knot
13. The Bully Never Wins
14. Angel

Fozzys Hero- Successfully Set For Failure (VLE CD )


Dead On A Friday - Thanks For Nothing (released on May 22, 2015) 

01. A Reasonable Guy
02. Good Old Days
03. Early Grave
04. This Is An Apology
05. Different Uniform, Same Asshole
06. I'm Just Thrilled To Be Alive
07. The Last Song
08. You Comfort Me
09. Bitter Bastard
10. Everybody Told Me So
11. What Could Have Been
12. Passive/Aggressive
13. The World Is Yours

Dead On A Friday-Thanks For Nothing (VLE CD)

New album from  Queens, NY melodic punk band Dead On A Friday  offers 13 explosive tracks that create an emotional roller-coaster of punk rock angst meets daily strife and relentless regret.


Steve Jasper - Self Titled (released on March 2014)

02.Turn Around
03.Old Man
05.The Streets

Steve Jasper - Self titled (VLE CD) 

Sticking to his roots of hard hitting melodic punk rock, he certainly hit the right targets out of the barrel and didn’t miss anything. The songs keep the energy level high throughout the EP and just beg for repeated listens.


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