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No Reason Records

No Reason Records is a punk/hardcore record label based out of Italy.

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  • Edward In Venice - Howler (released on May 16, 2015) 

01. Under This Skin
02. Turbobright
03. Smokin' Veichles
04. Howler
05. Home Is Where The Heart Lives
06. Epilogue

“We added some more melodies especially on vocals and guitars and we tried to get closer to a personal punk-rock sound,” say Italian hardcore punks Edward In Venice about the evolution to ‘Howler’. “It wasn’t a forced choice but it came out in a really natural way when we started to write.”

Edward In Venice - Howler


  • Linterno - 7" (October 10, 2014)

01. Outtatime
02. Knock on wood
03. Sky screamer
04. The road
05. The judge and jury

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Linterno is a band from Bologna (Italy) that live,write and play melodic punk hardcore since 2002.


  • Wank For Peace - Fail forward (October 10, 2014)
01. Friends First
02. Heavy Shoulders
03. Five Steps To Nothing
04. Was That What You Expected Kid?
05. What If This Was Political?
06. Choices/Feedback
07. Twelve Cheese Sticks
08. You Are The Weak Spot
09. Interlude
10. Mea Culpa
11. The Sleepless
12. How High Can You Fall?
13. We're Not Done Yet, Sorry

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Wank For Peace, punk-hc from France. They are active from 2008 and after several tours they release second album "Fail Forward"


  • Darko - Sea Of Trees (2014) 
01. Prologue (A Voice Unheard)
02. Canthus Viewpoints
03. Atlas To Atlantis
04. Hanging Off A Memory
05. Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts
06. Seaward

Six tracks of high-octane riff filled hardcore punk rock with dual harmonious guitars sonically weave with growling bass lines, pounding drums and killer vocals. That's  new album from UK band Darko. For Protest The Hero, Pennywise, A Wilhelm Scream, Propagandhi, Strung Out and No Trigger fans.

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  • LineOut - Guardians of punk-rock (2014)
01. Free Drink
02. Rich boys
03. Blasphemies
04. Four Dragons
05. Chocolat
06. Smash his face
07. Quality bro
08. Whole nation
09. Guardians of punk-rock

LineOut, active since 2007, released two self-produced EPs, "Put Your Hands Up" and "Volume Up!”, and, despite their young age, they played many shows in support of bands such as Atlas Losing Grip and Mute; as well as several European tours that have seen them perform in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany besides the participation in the last edition of the Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia.

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  • Despite Everything - "The dawn chorus" (2014) 
01. Pardon My Negativity
02. Ink Scattered
03. Flood In, Flood Out
04. No Smoke Without Fire
05. Grey Desolation
06. Here Goes Nothing
07. Mĺngata
08. Throwing Stones Ain't No Rocket Science
09. That Sinking Feeling
10. Inbetweeners
11. If You're Going Through Hell (keep going)
12. Roads Unfold 13. Time And Tide

Full of passion and emotions of  modern melodic punk / hardcore, in the vein of bands like The Flatliners, Astpai, Dead To Me and The Propagandhi influences.

  • Jet Market - "Anthology" (2014)
01. Another rainy day for the human race
02. Years are made of seconds
03. The Truck
04. Sparks against darkness
05. Running with scissors
06. Freedom slaves
07. Useless comparison
08. The one you pet, the one you eat
09. Religion as dogma
10. Labeled and persecuted
11. Don't call this democracy
12. From hell to the consumer
13. You can always make my day
14. Caldo verde
15. Wasted future
16. Tempus fugit

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Greatest hits from Italian melodic punk band Jet Market embracing their whole discography, from Everyday Casualties to Sparks Against Darkness.


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