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Whistler, Canada

Band Members:
Adam Legett - Vocals, Guitar
Jamie Weatherbie - Drumms
Bryce Macdiarmid - Guitar,Vocals
Gavin Mcdermott - Bass

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The story so far...

Slush was formed in 1992 in northern Ontario Canada, orginally influenced by Bad Religion, Offspring, Green Day, Nofx. In first year of a band Slush recorded first album entitled 15 Feet featuring members ADAM LEGGETT - VOCALS & GUITAR, JAMIE WEATHERBIE - DRUMS, MARTIN WOODYATT - GUITAR. In the following 4 years Slush built a great fan base in the Onatrio region of Canada with constant playing and 3 recordings (1994 - release Karl the pornstar, 1995 - Faces and in 1996 Run Mr Postman Run). The year of 1997 saw Slush's first break from playing together when 75% of the band moved to western Canada to snowboard which in return they composed 1 of their best albums entitled Lifes pretty easy when your fat and greasy.

In 1998 the whole band was all in western Canada Vancouver BC, but this was a short stint when 50% of the band moved to a different region of the province to snowboard.
That spring saw the whole band back in Vancouver where they all moved in together and started playing shows and writing again. By the late summer they went back into the studio to record album No. 6 Call the neighbors the boys got jobs which took Slush's music style to a new found influence style from such bands as ( Lagwagon, Propagandhi, Adhesive, Undeclinable, Pulley andStrung out ). After the recording of the this album another year break for the band when Martin and Adam headed to Australia for 1 year.

In 2001 the band was reunited in Whistler BC where another Norther Ontario their friend joined to the band to play bass named Matt Elliot. This was just another short reunion when Adam and Matt moved to a different area of BC for snowboarding and Martin decided to move to Australia for good and said good bye to Slush. As a founding member it was tough to them to see him go. That winter was a good for Adam to start writing the new album with Matt now taking over lead guitars. In the spring of 2002 all the Slush members were back in Whistler and after adding another northern Ontario friend Gavin Mcdermott to bass they were ready to start playing shows and prepare for recording. The fall of 2002 saw Slush recording the album Global incineration adding new members brought a more polished and technical style of punk rock.

For the next 3 year Slush continued playing shows and writing music and went back into the studio in 2005 to record the album Buried Inside which would take them in a whole new direction of writing. This album defined their maturity and growth of band's musically. Saddly a year after recording this they decided to part ways with Matt who had been a huge part of Slush for the last 5 years. The following year they struggled to find a replacement for Matt.They managed to find another Northern Ontario friend Bryce Mcdiarmid to take over lead guitars .

In 2008 they returned to the same studio as last album to record their newest one entitled That's what she said, where they found this album to pick up exactly where ended on the last recording.
In the last year they have played some huge shows ( Strung out, Protest the hero, A Wilhelm Scream, Gob ) and have continued building their name throughout Canada and the world .
Slush also added a few funny behind the scenes recording videos on their website and youtube as well as their first ever music video to Crash.

Most people wonder how Slush can still be a band after 17 years with no record contract and no album sales. They credit their non profit situation to all of this. Slush's music has always been free, all music is free to download on web and they give anywhere from 25 to 50 cd's out for every show they play so built a huge following bascially from word of mouth. So the chances of watching Slush playing live in the city you live , hearing them on the radio, or seeing on Tv or in a magazine are very unlikely . But you will still see them making music for the world when all those other bands have come and gone and the reason being, It's all for Fun and when it's not Fun anymore than they will quit.Since were all friends having fun doing what they love I would say they have another decade in them.

As for the future, expect a new album in 2010 and a 20 year compilation album 2012
and as usual everything will be free to download on their website

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