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It all began at the end of the summer of 1994 when four friends from Lévis decided to form FOODSTUFFS. After several practices in Vez’s garage, FOODSTUFFS were ready for their first concert. Fourteen songs were recorded in less than eight months after the formation of the band. “Why Not ? ”, their first demo, was released in April 1995. Following the release of this first demo, the band got signed on Help Ray-Chords, a small punk label from Montréal. More than 500 copies of “Why Not? ” were sold. In the meantime, FOODSTUFFS was touring a lot in Québec until the end of 1997. Those three years allowed FOODSTUFFS to record extra songs for some compilations such as “The Upper East Punk Stories”, on which we can find many other Québec punk bands.

Some internal problems compelled the band to make some changes. First of all, the name of the band changed for OVERSIGHT. Except for one song, they gave up all FOODSTUFFS’ musical material with the aim of taking a different musical direction and improving their way of working. This new start gave OVERSIGHT enough motivation to compose new songs and play until the end of days! So here are OVERSIGHT with the same four guys as in 1994. A new album of 10 fast melodic-punk songs came out in March 1999. “Silent Days” was recorded in six days at Plante Verte studio in Montréal from December 1998 to February 1999. All music writing is done by Dan and Vez while Frank takes care of lyrics. Since 1999, Oversight are playing everywhere in Province of Québec and in Europe. Then in 18 December 2000 they released split with Stoned ( Sweden)called How Can We Say Split. Oversight last release was in 2002 Somewhere Between Apprehension and Disillusion. They broke up in late 2004.

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